Friday, January 11, 2013

and that's a wrap!

Well, I have no idea how, but I somehow managed to get TOTALLY caught up on my photo a day pictures for 2012. And I am so glad I did! Keeping up with this is a big commitment and not always easy...but in the end it is always SO worth it so see all of those everyday memories in one place.

My family loves this.

This is the third year that I've committed to taking a photo every day. (and yes...sometimes I cheat and skip a day...wink!) It is for sure a habit now and something that I think I just HAVE to continue on with for 2013. Graham and I have decided that the memories are just way too precious and like I said, as a family, we LOVE looking through all of our pictures from the year. I'll admit, near the end of the year, there are probably too many instagrams and camera-phone pictures, but I will happily take those pictures over no pictures at all.

I am so excited to get these all printed and into my 2012 Project Life album...that is the FUN part! I will share pictures of that when I am all done.

For now, go ahead and caught up on what we crazy Audenart's have been up to for the past 6 months (yikes! I really was behind!) and stayed tuned for our twenty-thirteen photo a day pictures!



bron @ baby space said...

congrats on completing it -- looks beautiful!

BUB said...

Well done talia. It is daunting when you get so behind. But it feels so good to be done, eh? And those memories will become even more precious as time goes on.

Kim Nerio said...

How did you make the layered photo collage to put on this blog post? Was it a template available online for purchase or did you use a program?

Kim said...

yeah!! Another year done!!! xox

Mary Claire Cook said...

I just found your blog it is stunning! Love the pictures of your sweet daughter on her baptism day!

new follower :)