Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!

Remember this layout-card that I made Graham for Father's Day? I decided to go that route for Valentine's Day this year, so this was his gift. (He does love this stuff...well, he's learned to! Hehe!)

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!! I'm off for a b-day lunch with my 2 bestest friends, the girls will be decorating valentine's cookies with daddy, and then my hubby and I have a date tonight on the couch with a good movie. I can't wait!


(And just to quickly answer a couple questions:
You can find the stamp set I've been using recently here and you can find the cute little beanie hats that my girls have here and here!)


Lindsay Bateman said...

LOVE...this layout! Have a wonderful day and night...what a perfect way to spend valentines day!

niki said...

sooooo cute!! i wish i had the energy to do something that cute for chris!!

Kim said...

So cute as always :)

Anne Thompson said...

Awe, soooo cute!!!

Danielle said...

OMG how beautiful is this!!!!!!!!