Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Where to Begin?

So, wow.

Where do I even begin? After not blogging for an entire YEAR, it's a tad overwhelming to attempt this again! But here I am...attempting to get back into this blogging thing.

To be honest, I've been wanting to blog again for a long time. But with the ease and convenience of Facebook and Instagram (right from my phone!), the ol' blog was quickly and easily replaced. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some social media! (wink) I love how I can post a cute picture instantly here and there, or share something funny that one of the kids has said immediatley after they said it...but in turn I've missed out on sharing and more importantly RECORDING the more in-depth stuff stuff about our little family and our little life.

Last Christmas, my mother-in-law gave me this book for Christmas. My blog. In a book. I LOVE it. My blogging had already slowed down quite a bit when she gave it to me and looking through it, I was AMAZED at all that I had captured and recorded over the years through my blog. What an amazing gift! I absolutely love flipping through the pages and seeing our life in print. The fact that this life of ours is captured like that forever really hit home for me...and so it's been nagging me to get going again. ;)

Now, in my defense, for 3 years straight I took a photo every single day for my project life albums. I posted those daily photos and shared a caption to go with each one (aside from last year...I kept taking pictures, but kinda fell off the bandwagon when it came to posting them online!)...doing that on a daily basis kind of took the place of my regular blogging as well. And I am SUPER proud of our daily photos...they are such a treasure and a gift for our family to have for the years to come. The kids love looking through our yearly scrapbooks, and it really is amazing to see how quickly and how much they change. (As a sidenote...stay tuned for what my approach to my everyday photos and project life album is going to be this year...I have a plan!) always, it sounds like I'm trying to defend myself as to why I've neglected this poor blog of mine. Well, I guess I AM defending myself, heehee! With our 4 kids, my photography business and just LIFE in general, I kind of let it slip to the back-burner. So instead of dwelling on that, it's time to move on and move forward! It's a new year. Life is good. We are good. I love my crazy little family so much and this is why I want to blog again. I promise to be back sooner rather than later. And even if it is only myself that reads my little blog posts, I am totally ok with that. 'Cause it's all about the memories and I want to remember each and every one of them. :)

Kherington, Graham, Crew, me, Gabby and Payton | September 2013



BUB said...

She's back! Yay! I'll read it.

Erin said...

blogging is time consuming.. I am trying to make a comeback as well... it is tough but in the end so worth it.. I have one blog book and I hope to make more... it is amazing looking back at them and reliving all those fun memories and thoughts :)

Sheri said...

I'm excited for new blog posts to stalk ;)

heidi said...

I know you don't know me, I've been following your blog since Heidi Swapp mentioned you on her blog. Love your style. I can't wait to see your post, I understand what you mean with how difficult it is to keep up the blog, I've been trying to catch up on my blog recently.

You mentioned you are on instagram, Do you let strangers follow you? if you do I'd love to follow you!

jessica said...

How fun you're back! I started my blog again a couple months ago, and it feels GREAT! you will love it!

jessica said...

how fun you're back! I started my blog back a couple months ago and it feels great! You're totally right - its so important to record it!

Unknown said...

we're excited you're back Tal!! now i feel guilty and like i need to get back to it too!

luv_my_lynns said...

Glad to see you back. I will read along. Your blog is what started me on PL. So I am excited to see what you have in mind!