Wednesday, September 28, 2005

swimming with P

Payton's swimming lessons are so much fun. Graham came today and took all these pictures...I'm so excited to have them! As soon as P and I got out of the change rooms and she saw the water she started kicking and waving her arms...she loves the water!! It's just fun to have a special activity to do with her...and it's nice to chat with other moms and ooh and aah over eachothers babies. I remember when I was a teenager and always thought is was so annoying how new moms were with their babies...well, I am officially one of those annoying people now!! And for all you people who don't have kids me, you'll be exactly the same way with yours! Hehe! Anyways...Payton is getting very familiar with the water, she loves to float and splash and I dunk her all the time. So fun and so cute. Makes me sad how quickly she's growing...she won't be a baby for too much longer now...


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cheryl kelly said...

this looks like so much fun. and how cute does she look in her swim suit. i think my favorite pic is her hanging on to the edge that is a great pic. tal enjoy every minute with this little. i can not wait to see her again