Friday, September 30, 2005

lazy day

Just another cheesy page of Gray and I....but I love it! I've had fun doing pages of Gray and I lately 'cause I mostly just do stuff of Payton now. So this was fun. And ya, it's cheesy, but whatever! That's what scrapbooking is! I'm glad it's the weekend....things seem to be winding down a little, I'm having fun today just hangin' out in my pj's and not really doing anything. Am so lazy that I had McDonald's for lunch...there's something about those fries......mmmmmmmm!!!! Payton's starting to scoot around quite a bit's not exactly crawling, but her own version of it. I think she's having fun being a little bit more independent. For some reason I just keep thinking about my FAVE show today. (so you think you can dance). The dancers left are sooo amazing....I always wonder if people with no dance background who watch the show actually "get" it. Like, do people really know how amazing these dancers are and how HARD everything they do is?? I hope Nick or Melody win...they rock! And I am obsessed!! I always joke with Gray...oh ya, I totally would've been on that show! Haha. (in my dreams!) to scrap some more before P wakes up...

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cheryl kelly said...

tal you and gray look so good
together, so you should be taking pics and scrap booking them. i wish that i was more crafty like you. and just so you know you could have been on that show , and you would have kicked butt. you are and always will be the best dancer i know. i admire all your talent. luv ya sunshine