Wednesday, October 26, 2005

little ladybug

Yesterday was so much fun! It was our ward Halloween party so we got Payton dressed up in her ladybug costume...she was so cute!! I think she was a little confused though, with all the people looking at her and smiling and taking pictures, etc. She was just like, what is going on here?? Haha. Yup, the party was you can see by the pictures, lots of people dressed up, including the adults. One couple (Bernard and Liz) switched skin colors for the funny! And then there was a sumo wrestler...isn't that costume hillairious? I stamped some Halloween words on a shirt, that was as far as my costume got...maybe next year I can convince Gray to dress up with me...ya right!! haha. Anyways, it was so fun to see all the little babies dressed up, they were quite a hit. We gathered quite the crowd as we were taking pictures of all of them. Then we ended off the evening with a bunch of us mommies jumping around in the was so funny, we were all just laughing so hard (while all of the kids were yelling at us to hurry up! hehe!). My ward is so funny, it really was a good time. See ya later!! Tal


bezbabe said...

what a gem!
my daughter was a ladybug for her first hallowe'en too, but she was really tiny so the outfir was more like a jumpsuit...i love your daughter's costume!

i also love it when they rent the astro-jumps! for our new years party lst year they rented this huge obstacle course slid thing that pretty much filled our entire gym! that was cool! all the grown-ups went into the other rooms and visited and the kids just played all night long...up and over and under and down and do it all over again.

Kim said...

Okay, she is so stickin' cute! I love the turned out so cute! Sad I won't get to see her dressed up except in the pics! Very cute Tal!

Anonymous said...

hey tal. it's me niki. she looks adorable!! i can't wait till next year when i can do that with my little girl. so fun! tell her i say hi and i'll see you all soon!

Emily Kate said...

I *thought* that looked like a cultural hall!! She's the cutest ladybug I've ever seen!