Sunday, March 05, 2006

been thinking...

alot about scrapbooking lately (is that a surprise??). Hehe. I just have so many ideas and so many things I want to do. I've gotten a few really sweet emails lately from some gals who have seen my stuff on my blog or on 2 cool. Just nice to know that after putting all this stuff out there, there are people (aside from my hubby and family!) who appreciate my work, and get that this is a passion, not just a hobby. So thanks to all those who check out my stuff. This has been a good year so far, and already lots of exciting things are happening for me. I've finally started getting published here and there again after taking a very long break from submitting my work to magazines, and I have a few pages yet to be published coming up in the next few months (I'll keep you posted!!). I have the awesome opportunity to be a part of the American Crafts design team, I'm going to CKU at the end of this month and the Urban Scrapbook Convention in April...lots to look forward to. I'm so pumped to take classes from women like Heidi Swapp and Donna Downey who are so crazy talented and experianced. There will always be things to learn. My hope is to take these classes and then be inspired and motivated to teach some classes locally. There's also another convention that Kim and I want to go to in Pheonix in's like we've just realized that there are so many fun fun things to do in this crazy and obsessive industry. Anyways, just some thoughts going through my head tonight. Just wanting to be better at what I love to do. Hoping that I will be published some more in the near future...all I can so is keep trying!! I'll post some photos tomorrow of a fun project I was working on today!!

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Kim said...

All your stuff is amazing Tal! And what an experience to meet all those amazing and talented's going to be so much fun!