Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So this is my new little niece, Molly Jaye. How cute is she?? She was born on February 7th and I love her so much! It breaks my heart that I haven't even met her sister lives in Houston, so we're hoping that they'll be able to come and visit us within the next couple months. My mom has been in Houston with Niki since she had the baby, so they've had lots of time to spend together. It's so weird how quickly families seems like on my side of the family we've gone from 2 to 4 grandkids in no time at all, and by summer there will be 5. So fun. Graham's family is just exploding, too...both Jody and I will be having our babies just a few weeks apart, and there is so much potential with the rest of the kids for more babies to be poppin' up all over the place. AAaahhh! With how quickly all these nieces and nephews will be coming, I'll be able to treat my bouts of baby fever pretty easily! Haha!! Anyways, I just wanted to share this cutie little pic of Molly. What a doll.
See more pictures of Molly here


Janna said...

aww, what a cutie patootie!! i sure miss those 'newborn' days... they're so fleeting!!


Kim said...

So Cute!!! She looks like Niki! Hopefully they'll come visit soon....