Sunday, February 26, 2006


I got together with Kim on Friday night so we could scrapbook together...these are some of the cards I made. It was so much fun to just sit and chat and create. Only I don't know how much Kim got done...Payton just wanted to be on her lap all night, so I was scrappin' away while Kim had Payton. Hehe! Kim was such a good sport about it...thanks, girl! Our hubbies were in the garage working on their bikes while we were inside scrapping, so it was fun. Only next time, boys...YOU guys get to baby-sit! Haha!!

This has been a pretty normal weekend...I totally cleaned the house on Saturday morning (with the help of Graham) and it felt soooo good to get that done. Clean bathrooms, clean floors, clean kitchen, clean's amazing how quickly the house can get out of control. So that was nice. Now I'm just about to get ready for's always questionable what Payton's going to be like on Sundays since church starts right at her naptime. She definatley keeps us busy! But that's okay, we love it. So I just thought I'd stop in and share my cards! If you want to see some more images of my them, you can check out them out
Catch ya later! Tal:)


Kim said...

Your cards turned out so cute! And I had so much fun with Payton...she is way too cute! And I'm so glad she loves me so much!

Janna said...

gorgeous cards, talia!! the invites look even more beautiful irl! we really must organize a crop... maybe even at the church... what do you think???

too much fun!!

:) janna