Thursday, March 16, 2006


So I had a breakthrough with Payton today. I've been having a hard time getting her to eat actual FOOD. She'll eat snacky things all the time, and she actually really likes eating fruit, but trying to get a warm meal in her tummy or even a PB and J sandwich can be a major fight...that I never win! She's pretty hands on right now with everything...just really curious and discovering new things and needs to touch I thought, maybe if I actually let her MAKE HER SUPPER she'll eat it. So, we got out the Easy-Mac (I've learned not to waste a whole package of Kraft Dinner!) and I had her help me with everything...she got the packet out of the box, poured the noodles into the bowl, pushed the buttons on the microwave, mixed in the cheese, got the ketchup out of the fridge, (all this includes opening and shutting doors, walking around different parts of the kitchen, etc) and when all was said and done, she happily ATE HER SUPPER! I was so proud of her and just happy that she ate some food that wasn't yogurt or caramel rice cakes. So....we'll see how tomorrow goes. Don't know if this was a one time thing or not!

I have a busy weekend ahead of me and I still have so much to do to get ready for my trip. I need to get a bunch of pictures together for my classes at CKU, get all of my supplies together, that kind of thing...aahhhh! Getting so excited. AND, I have my ultrasound on Wednesday...the boy-or-girl mystery will hopefully be over! It'll be fun to know what we're having and make that connection with the excited.

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