Friday, May 26, 2006

so cool

Check out my bracelets that I got in the mail yesterday! I'm so excited. I found these online via Tara's blog right before Mother's Day and I knew I had to get some. So mom, your mother's day gift is here...I told you I had something coming!! You can shop on line for them here if you want to check them out. So cool.

Haven't been up to much this's been raining everyday and I'm without a car right now while my husband is on a quest for a new truck so Payton and I have been stuck at home. Kinda nice, but at the same time...where's the sunshine?? I could use a good walk with Payton and Maggie everyday. Maybe the sun'll come out later on today...

I'm definatley in my (miserable) 3rd trimester now...fat, uncomfortable and grumpy! I feel sorry for Gray, he's so patient with me. I'm just to the point that I just want the baby to be here...I'm over all this pregnancy stuff! But...I guess 2 months isn't THAT long compared to how far I've come already (deep breaths, Talia!). And it IS nice to nap everday while Payton sleeps. I'm sure that's something I'll have to give up as soon as I have the baby!

And speaking of baby's, my bro-in-law Ryan and his wife Jody had a little boy on Tuesday! He was actually born 8 weeks early...pretty crazy, but both mom and baby are doing fine, so that's all that matters. They're still picking out the perfect name for him...I'll post some pictures and his name as soon as I find out! Congrats guys!!

Well, like I said, it's been a pretty lazy week, so I'm gonna crack down today and do some cleaning and laundry. Fun, fun, fun!!


Kim said...

So cute! I saw those on Tara's blog too and looked at them. Very cool. Glad to hear the baby is doing good too!

Lu said...

those are neat.