Saturday, May 20, 2006

check it out!

So I picked up my copy of the new "Scrapbooks, etc Baby" book today! These are the pages I have of Payton in the fun! I actually didn't really know when this book was coming out, and when I was talking to my mother-in-law on the phone yesterday, she told me she was flipping thru a magazine and saw Payton! So...I made a trip to the store today and bought a copy. So fun!!

I guess I have been a bad blogger this past week! The week started off busy...I was teaching on Tuesday morning, had YW's on Tuesday night, plus Gray's parents were in town...then things slowed down a bit. Graham left for a biking trip in Idaho on Wednesday, so Payton and I have been keeping busy at home. Nice to have some girl time with my little girl. She is so cute, but so BUSY! Holy cow. But that's okay...I need the exercise. And it won't be long before Payton's a big sister, so I'm happy to just play with her and have some alone time. We sure do miss daddy, though!

Anyways, speaking of Payton, she's climbed on top of a chair and is bouncing up and down...better get her before she falls!! Later!


Kim said...

I love these lo's of Payton! So cute!

Anonymous said...

so cute...can't wait for her to paly with molly!!! we'll see you guys soon.

Maurita said...

Congrats on the publish... WOO HOO. Payton is so cute. Miss that gal. Hopefully see you soon.