Friday, May 12, 2006


so I finally have about 5 minutes to post! AAaahhh! Things have been so busy lately, and Payton hasn't been wanting to nap and I've just entered my 3rd trimester (yay!!) needless to say, I'm tired. And fat. And tired. I finally managed to get my house somewhat long as the kitchen is clean and the rest of the rooms are somewhat in order, I feel like I'm doin' good. My sister's house is always spotless and I don't know how she does it. Well, I guess it helps that her kids are in school all day...I have a while till I'm home on my own during the days!! I just find that when I clean my house Maggie and Payton just follow me around and leave a wake of disaster behind them. Ah, well...the joys of motherhood, right? Hopefully I get something *really* good for Mother's Day on Sunday! (hint, hint Graham!) Hehe!

Anyways, it's Kennedy's 12th birthday today and the whole family's going for ginger beef tonight. I realized I didn't have much to wrap his present with, so I did Elsie's challenge on 2peas... to use your scraps to wrap a gift...this is what I came up with. Thought I'd take a pic 'cause I know that I probably think it's cuter than a 12 year boy will! Haha!!

And then I had to post a pic of how Payton did her hair the other day. All by herself. So hillairious. And so adorable. I always say this, but I just can't believe how fast she is growing. I wish she would slow down just a *little* bit!!

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Angela said...

I hear you on the whole keeping the house clean. I've found that my friend's houses that are clean and they have kids, they have someone come in and help. I'm in the same boat as you. I was hand cleaning the couch last week and my 4 yr old comes out with my liquid foundation all over her. Some days I try and some days I give up. lol