Tuesday, June 27, 2006

it's so hot!

Normally I would be all about the hot weather, but being 8 and a half months pregnant makes me not want to be outside as much! It is beautiful weather, though...and Payton loves it. The 3 of us have all moved to the basement to sleep...it's just way to stinkin' hot upstairs to even consider sleeping up there. So, since we have no air conditioning, we're grateful for the basement!

Yesterday was fun...Payton loves the water so I filled her little baby bathtub (I know, I know, I need to go out and actually buy a pool!) with water and her toys and she splashed and played all morning. I even had the hose out and loved running through the water. Then last night, Gray, Payton and I went to the legislative grounds with my sister's family so the kids could play in the water...it was sooooo nice! Evenings are the best! By the point it was cooling off and a bit shadier outside, but Payton was determined she was going to swim...she wouldn't let us take her out of the water...when her lips were blue and she wouldn't stop shivering, we decided it was time to go home. I love summer...even though I'm boiling hot, I hope this weather lasts!

I did this page last week...just inspired by Ali Edwards who loves scrapbooking those "everyday" moments. I want to do more pages like this...ones where the pictures aren't necessarily perfect, but thet tell a story and mean something to Gray and I.

Happy summer, I hope everyone is out getting a tan!


Anonymous said...

super cute page tal!! i miss you guys! keep cool mama.

love, niki

rebecca said...

love LOVE this page Talia!!

Kim said...

Such a cute page Tal! So fun.