Saturday, June 24, 2006

baby announcement

I made this announcement for my bro-in-law and his wife of their little boy, Ochiel! He's such a cutie, seriously the tiniest baby I have ever seen. Payton and I went to a baby shower for him and Jody last night and it was lots of fun...always fun to hold babies and visit and Payton had a blast running around and playing with her cousins. Just a short post's sooooo nice outside, I gotta get out there with Payton!!


jennihaywood said...

Hi Talia,
My children were all premature. They were all in the 4 lb. range. They were very little. It's hard to remember because my youngest child is now 8 yrs. old! They grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday that I was holding them as a baby. I was lucky that my kids didn't have any long term affects from being premature. They all caught up with the other kids their age by the time they were two yrs old. Thank you so much for your ongoing inspiration. I just love your pages. You have such a sweet family. Jennifer Haywood

Kim said...

So cute Tal. The announcement turned out great.