Thursday, June 22, 2006

payton and izzy

I just wanted to share these cute pictures of Payton and my friend Laurie's, little girl Isabe. How cute are they? Laurie is in town visiting from Winnipeg and we had such a nice night last night. She stopped by for a little bit and we *attempted* to take these pictures of the girls...notice how the 7 month old is smiling nice for the camera and my 1 year old isn't looking at the camera at all?? Yup, that's my kid! Anyways, they were so cute...Payton just wanted to kiss and tickle Izzy...I'm hoping she'll feel the same way about her little sister as she has about these other baby girls lately! Then we went to a performance put on by a local dance company called "Freefall" and it was awesome. Awesome dancers, awesome choreography and awesome to have a night out! Just made me think....hmmm....maybe after this baby I'll get back in shape and audition for the company next year. That would be cool. It was just neat 'cause in the show the dancers ages ranged from like 22-40...just a bunch of awesome, fit chicks who love to dance and wanted to perform. That's what I miss about dancing. Lots of people ask me why I don't teach more, and it's hard to explain that it's just not the's one thing to be in a classroom setting and then it's totally another thing to be performing on stage. Both are great...but I miss performing....the nerves, the rehearsals, the hair, the makeup, the costumes, and then the rush of being onstage. I think since I started performing when I was 3 years old, it's hard to let go of! There are still times when I'm listening to music in my car and I'm choreographing in my head and designing cotumes and stuff. Haha! So funny. I guess that will always be a part of me, though, and I love that. My life is different now, but I'll always have a love and appreciation for dancing and all that I was able to accomplish. So...then I came home and watched "So You Think You Can Dance" which my sweetie hubby taped for me. AAhhh!! I love that show! I'm definately liking and disliking certain couples now...nothing personal, just from my dancer point of view! I though Danielle and Benji and Travis and Martha were awesome. And I still love Allsion, I think it's too bad that Ivan's her partner...he definately won't be able to carry her thru some of the other styles. Oh, so much fun. But...I gotta get going. Lots to do in the precious time that Payton's asleep!!


Kim said...

Cute pictures of the girls! I can't believe how big Izzy is getting...I think these are the first pictures I've seen of her! So fun.

Jessica Rabbit said...

I've heard amazing things about you as a dancer Talia :)
I work with Wayne Tookey and he has talked about you a bit when I told him I knew you...I've been to a few of Shelley's shows and they make me miss dancing too :)