Monday, January 08, 2007

everyday stuff...

Well, with the holidays being over we're (kind of) getting back into the swing of things over here. It's been nice to not feel like there's always something I have to be doing...I like it when things slow down a little bit. Gabby's been doing a lot better these past few days, she's actually been willing to eat so that's made things a lot easier. And she's just been so happy, so we love that. And she's been sleeping through the night....we REALLY love that!

I feel like there is always stuff to organize and clean around my house...and no matter how much I organize and clean, there's something else that pops up that needs to "cleaned out". Aaaahhh! Does anyone else feel like this? Anyways, we rearranged our family room last weekend and I love it now...we actually have a clean, functional space. It was so nice to move all of the furniture and clean up in places that you can't get to all the time and dust and vaccum everything. Makes me so happy! We made a little play area for Payton behind the couch which has been awesome...I totally organized all her toys so now she actually can see what she has and she can entertain herself for hours. And the best $30 purchase I've ever made was this little table and chairs from Ikea...she loves to color and will sit there coloring away forever!

And here's Payton in the tub...I went to the movie "Dreamgirls" the other night while Gray watched the girls and this is one of the pictures he took...this little girl can be wild, let me tell ya! But so, so funny. She talks so thing she says lately that cracks us up is "Yee-haw!"...not quite sure where she got that from, but it's funny. And she's awesome at identifying when people are "happy" or "sad"...that keeps her busy for a while when she's in the mood, too. (and if you haven't seen this movie...GO NOW! It was so awesome!)

And here's another picture of my happy little baby...we are just so in love with her. With both her and Payton having been sick on and off since october it's been hard to just sit back and be thankful for my daughters. How lucky I am to have them. How happy I am that I am their mama. How happy they make ME. Gabby has the sweetest personality...she is so easy going...not at all a fussy baby. She is such a blessing to our little family. The other day I watched her and Payton absolutely laughing at eachother. It was so cute and so neat to see them interact...I hope they will be best friends.

Anyways, I'm hoping to get some scrapping done tomorrow...I haven't been able to do ANYTHING in the past month and I'm getting itchy to create. I just want to sit and PLAY. Wish me luck!!



Kim said...

Cute pictures Tal! And so fun to clean and rearrange, hey? I love cleaning...even though my house doesn't always look clean. Glad to hear Gabby is feeling better.

Kristi said...

your girls are gorgeous, and your house is too! It's hard for me to believe that Payton is just a few months older than my Maggie- must be all that hair! Maggie has next to none. I'm trying to get a scrap date with Kim, you should join in too! could be fun.

Anonymous said...

i love those girls! can't wait to hug and play with them again. give them kisses for me!!
- niki

Anonymous said...

Hey There!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I come by yours all the time. Your girls are beautiful. I want one!