Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that the holidays have come and gone, but Christmas and New Years for us was definately busy and fun. All that preparation...and it seems to go by too fast! Like I said, we had lots of fun...and my girls were happy and cute, so that made it all the better. Here is a picture of my happy little Gabby...I love her big smiles!

And this is Payton with her cousin Winter whom she idolizes,,,everyday she asks me "Where Winter go?" and she just babbles away about her. Winter is at that perfect age for playing with Payton...she is so patient and fun with her...I love to see them together.

And me and Gabby at my mom's in front of her (little) tree. (I inherited the big tree this year!)

Do any of you ever shop at Children's place for your kids? I love that store...they have such cute stuff and always have awesome sales. Here are the girls in their Christmas dresses on Christmas Eve...they even had a skirt in Winter's size...so so cute!!

We spent Christmas Eve at my mom and dad's house, just eating, playing games and hanging out...it was nice and low-key. Then on Christmas morning we opened presents at our house...it was nice to do Christmas at our place...every year since we've been married we always do Christmas morning at my mom's, so it was nice to just wake up at home and do the Christmas morning thing. Payton was so cute...she had a pretty good idea of what was going on, and was actually really sweet...we just kept handing her presents and she was just trying to concentrate on one toy, rather than the million that were all around her! haha! Oh, to be a kid again. After that, we headed to Graham's parents to spend the rest of Christmas with them...and let me tell you, there is a full house over there! It was so fun...3 babies, and Payton got to play with her cousins Mya and Kedan...she was very busy. We all just got spoiled this Christmas as usual...just always makes me so grateful for all that we have, and for all the people that love my little family...it was good times. So here's those 3 cute little babies...Gabby, Osh and Jack. I just couldn't get a picture with Gabby and Osh looking at the camera...they just wanted to play with their toys!

So, shortly after Christmas, Gabby got sick AGAIN...we've found that she's just been consistently sick lately. And it's so sad, 'cause she's the happiest baby in the world when she's feeling good. So I took her to the doctor this past Friday and he diagnosed her with asthma. I knew something wasn't right, so I wasn't very surprised to hear this news. I'm just so sad for her...many people are telling me that lots of children "grow out" of their asthma, so I'm hoping that's the case for Gabby...but it doesn't make things easier in the meantime. Luckily we have an awesome doctor and there are medications that can help, so we're just plugging away over here. I'm hoping within the next few days she'll be getting a bit more back to her normal, happy self. Life just never stops, right?

Gray and I also re-discovered our "movie nights" over the holidays...just turning off all the lights, cuddling on the couch and watching movies. It's been so fun...reminds me of when we were first married and had all that time ALONE (hehe!). And seriously, why get ready and go out, when you can just sit at home in your pj's and be comfy? That's the way we see things! So we've had fun.

Now I'm thinking about the new year and what my resolutions should be...the top of my list right now is:


Hahaha! Happy New Year, everyone!!


Kristi said...

my oldest- Ben had asthma as a kid- he was about 2 though, but he out grew it! not fun! hope Gabby gets better!

Anonymous said...

those pictures are adorable! love the girls Christmas dresses. we'll have to get Molls in on the matching action next year. i hope Gabby's feeling better. tell the girls Molly says hi. miss you tons,
- niki

Kim said...

Poor Gabby!!! I'm so sad for her...I hope she's feeling better. And the Christmas dresses are so cute! I can't wait to see you guys soon.

Maurita said...

Thanks for sharing all the pix. I can't believe how big Both your girls are. It has been WAY!! too long. Sounds like you had a great little holiday season. Your rearrangement looks great. Inspires me to get cracking. I still have Gabby's present. I'll probably put it on the bus-- not like she'll notice, but I should get it off my floor.

luvs- MO