Saturday, March 24, 2007


Graham reminded me today that "it's been a few days since I've blogged" here I am. I love that he noticed and that he cares about my little blog. Even though he knows absolutely everything that goes on in my life and is the first to see all my scrapbook pages and is the one that I talk to about everything and is a part of my life...he still wants to hear what I have to say! Thanks, babe!

So I realised today that I haven't shared my "eternity" layout/march calendar for this month. (If you're wondering what I'm talking about, I'm taking Heidi Swapp's "A Year to Remember" class at Big Picture Scrapbooking...we do one layout/month along with other fun assignments and stuff.) This month has been focused on gratitude and what we are grateful this layout showcases just a few of those things...I love it! It was nice to be reminded to reflect on all that I have and get some of it on a page. And I like that there is more than one picture on this layout...I'm a major "1 picture/page" person when it comes to scrapbooking, so it's nice to be challenged to try other things.

Last night Gray and I went to the movie "Reign Over Me" and it just really reiterated how grateful I am for my little family. If you haven't seen this movie be prepared to is so so sad, but really good. It's a real "indie" type movie...just very raw. Gray and I were talking about it on the way home and it could have been done way more "hollywood-y" but then it wouldn't have been as real. We really liked it. I just left the movie with such a love for my daughters and husband...and the realisation that we are not always in control. Go and see it (if you don't mind crying). Adam Sandler was awesome.

On the topic of kids, last weekend Kim and I got talking about our children and how much we love the time we have with them while they are so little. I've had this conversation with so so many people....where we always think we're making "mistakes" with our kids just because we rock them to sleep, or sing them to sleep, or let them sleep with us...but really...why are all those things mistakes?? I love wrapping Gabby up in her blankie and rocking her's quiet time for only her and I. Time that I get to spend just holding her and staring at her. She may not go to sleep on her own yet, but I know I will never regret that I cuddled and rocked her. With Payton, we have the same bedtime routine every night... a bath, a story (or 2, or 3!), then we say prayers and turn off the light and sing her a few songs while she falls asleep. I love this time. And my heart breaks every time she says, "Mommy, sing a son" is so sweet. This is one our favorites to sing. Oh, and this one, too. And this one....okay, we have a few that we like to sing! Gray and I take turns singing to her at night and we love it. So mommies...if you bounce your babies to're not making a mistake. Who cares if your 2 month can't fall asleep on his own yet? If you sing your toddler to sleep, or lay down with her to're making her feel safe and loved. If you let your baby sleep with you at're allowing yourself to wake up at night without having to get out of are not making a mistake. I know when I look at Payton and Gabby I just can't believe how quickly they grow and change...and I just want to make the most of the time I have with them as babies.

Have a good Sunday.



Ashley said...

I love your March layout. What a great idea to do a layout about things eternal.

Vivi said...

Beautiful LO Talia!!

jj said...

talia...i totally agree about the whole rocking your baby two year old, who was once an excellent sleeper, and never needed to be rocked to sleep now asks for it every night. she asks, "rock you mommy"....and how can i say no? the time just flies by too fast to pass up precious moments. thanks for sharing....j

Krainik Family said...

I love your layout, the colors are so soft and very soothing.
I totally agree with everything you said about "mistakes" we make as mothers. I used to feel guilty for doing all of the things you mentioned, but not anymore. Time goes by too quickly and soon they won't want to be held at all!
My kids love all of those same songs, but their favorite song is popcorn popping. It's not the greatest bedtime song, but they love it!

jessica said...

gorgeous layout. thanks for your great words of wisdom. i'm going to be a mom soon and i'm sure i will feel that i am making mistakes, but you're so right. why are they mistakes? thanks.

Anonymous said...

beautiful layout Tal!! i've been having to do the same thing with molly lately...cuddling her to sleep. i think it might be b/c of her cold, but i don't care...i love the cuddles whenever i can get them!! talk to you soon hun,

Anonymous said...

Good advice, Tal. I remember being so conflicted when Osh came home from the hospital. I had just spent a month doing nothing but holding him, but then everything I read said not to do that! I totally felt guilty for wanting to hold my baby. Not cool. Lately I've been wondering if I'm feeding Osh enough or the right kinds of things or whatever. We have a really good schedule and he seems perfectly happy, I just wondered if I was doing it "right". So when I read about it people say all kinds of things that would probably work too, but that are totally different from what we do know. As long as we're both happy, I'm thinking that should be good enough. I'm kind of learning that you take what you want from books and other people's advice, but in the end you do what works for you and your baby. Okay, longest comment ever. Sorry!
xo, Jody

Robyn W. said...

LOVE your layout Talia! I'm so jealous you've been keeping up with the class - your calendar is just beautiful! I, on the other hand, still have a blank one! LOL! Hope your doing well!

Jamie said...

Love your March calendar layout. I so wish I would have taken that class.

I could not agree with you more on the baby thing. There is a time for discipline and then there is just a time to love on them and enjoy them being little.

Take Care,
Jamie ~ Alabama