Wednesday, April 11, 2007

8 months old

My baby is 8 months old.

And the weird thing is, I still think of her as being like, 4 or 5 months old. I don't know if it's because she's tiny or if it's just because i don't want to accept that she is growing up. (Look at me, talking like she's graduating from high school and moving out of the house or something.) But, I think it is the latter....I just want her to stay a baby forever!

I'll admit it, I looooove babies. Yes, I am exhausted 24/7 and I still haven't had a full nights sleep in the eight months since she was born, (that is a whole separate post in itself!) but, I love my baby. And I want her to stay like this. Is it weird to have baby fever when you literally HAVE a baby? 'Cause I do! Like I said, for some reason I am just having a hard time with the fact that she is growing up....but it is so exciting, too. This little chick is sooo close to crawling. Right now she's doing the thing where she doesn't quite crawl but kind of maneuvers herself all over the place by scooting, rolling, etc. It's so cute. And I walked into her room a couple days ago and she had pulled herself up to a standing position in the crib all by herself. She was very impressed with herself...she was so happy and babbling to me about how great it was that pretty soon I REALLY will be in trouble once she's crawling all over the place. Yikes. (Okay, maybe the baby fever is wearing off now!)

Gabby looooves her big sister. I am loving seeing the interaction between the two of them lately. It is looking to me like the typical older/younger sibling relationship...Gabby looks at Payton with adoring can just SEE how much she loves her and wants to DO everything that Payton does. And Payton is a protector...she's always hugging and kissing her little sister and loves to play with her and always wants to know "where" Gabby is ("Where my Gabby? Gabby awake yet? I want play with Gabby. Gabby come in bath with me?"). So funny. You know that Payton will just be bossin' Gabby around in no time and Gabby will do whatever the heck she says. Haha! (Trust me, I have 2 older sisters and I pretty much did whatever they told me to!)

Oh, and we pierced her ears on Monday. Well, WE didn't do it, we went and got them done and they are soooo cute. Graham was actually the one that has been wanting to get gabby's ears pierced for a while now so we went and did it. She was so brave....totally cried of course, but we gave her a bottle right away and after that she was'd never even guess anything was done to her. Babies are tough!!

I am also loving the swimming lessons. Not only do I love the company (Kim and Jody and their cutie little boys), but Gabby is just so easy-going in the water so that has made it fun and stress free for me. They got to wear life jackets today and it was hillairious because Gabby and Osh are so little....the life jackets were like totally big on them and just squished their little faces. I couldn't help but laugh...and the babies were happy, too, once they got to float around in the boat and get rid of the said life jackets. Fun times.

So, little girl is 8 months old. And as cute as ever.


(LOTS of pictures, I know, but I did this for Gabby's Grandma's and auntie's!)


Maurita said...

yes, and the aunties are so glad you posted so many cute pix. love that little gabby. Can't wait to visit. maybe in a couple weeks. We'll see. xoxoxoxo pass-em-on- my girlies!!

Ashley said...

She is so adorable. Love the pictures (and I'm not even related). :)

Anonymous said...!! she's so dang cute! give those girls luvs from us. molly has an ear infection - sucky! love you,

- niki

gloria said... pics!!

i know about the baby fever, i usually get it after visiting your blogaroo!!
luckily i come to my senses quickly, though...babies turn into teens, and seeing as how i have a teen already, and another one getting there, i am in no position to start all over!!


Anonymous said...

That Gabby is such a doll. She just has the most laid back personality too. I love watching her at swimming lessons because she's just so happy doing whatever and it seems like nothing phases her. (And the lifejackets were hilarious!) Such a cutie. I'm with you on it being hard to watch them grow up so fast. Liz bought Osh a bunch of 12 mo clothes and I put him in some the other day. He looked like such a grown up boy I wanted to cry! Where did my baby go? I think I'm just going to start cuddling him all day and see if that reverses the aging process! ha ha

Kim said...

Love the pictures and love the new banner!

Anonymous said...

Talia I LOVE your new banner its really awesome! Its crazy how fast those little turkeys grow up!

Anne Thompson said...

Gabby is sooo cute! I totally know about baby fever when you still have babies! I haven't peirced my girls ears yet cuz I've been too scared! But it's encouraging to hear that she was ok with it!

~Telah said...

That has got to be the cutest 8 month old! She is just precious. Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I like your close and as unusual as mine-Telah.