Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a little of this and that...

I just thought I'd try and do some catching up. Gray has been away for most of the week dirt biking so I've been on my own with the girls. Well, I really shouldn't say "on my own"...what the heck would I do with grandma's and grandpa's??? My parents are so great about helping me out...and Payton is an angel for them (not so much for me! hehe!) so she loves to go to their house. So much that the second I walk in the door she's folding her arms across her chest and refuses to look at me. Sheesh. Don't you remember as a kid just loving going to your grandparents, though? They were always more fun than mom and dad! Haha! So anyways, that's what we've been up to this week. Gabby and I are getting sick so we're just taking it easy today...and Gray gets home tomorrow so we are very excited!! (and I'm sure my parents are, too....wink!)

Anyways, just thought I'd share some "everyday" stuff....

This is what happens when you leave your baby with your 2 year old while blogging:

...and here are the girls and I on Mother's Day:

...a happy baby in her high chair:

...a not-so-happy baby after her nap:

...and last but not least, my girls playing around in their undies...

It seems like no matter what I do, the girls ALWAYS end up in their t-shirts and undies by the end of the day. Why wear clothes when you can just run around with nothing on, right? Cracks me up. Really, whatever makes them happy makes me happy. They are starting to totally love playing with each other. And you can see how Gabby is standing up against the wall...she scales the walls...she doesn't need something to hold on to if she wants to walk around...the wall is good enough. Pretty good for only 9 months! It just surprises me 'cause Payton didn't crawl till 10 and a half months, so I'm not used to this "getting around" so soon. She is very determined. My busy girls!!

Anyways, last weekend was fun, too. I'll be sure to share the pictures from our photo shoot as soon as I get them. I can't wait! It'll definatley be interesting to see how they turned out...by the end, both girls were screaming their heads off, so that just gives you an idea of how it went! Haha!! Rebecca was awesome, though...totally patient and sweet. Made me feel better that she has kids and knows what it's like. If I get one good picture of the four of us I'll be happy!!

Have a good long weekend!!

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