Monday, May 14, 2007

the scowl

Okay, so this is Gabby's latest face....the scowl.

And it totally cracks me up.

She is like, the happiest little baby but when she's ticked out. Haha!! Actually, the funny thing is, she will be as happy as can be and then out of nowhere, she just GLARES at us. It is so funny. Had to share.



gloria said...

but she's still adorable!!


how can that be, when she's giving such a look?!



Krainik Family said...

She is so cute, even when making that face! :)

Jamie said...

Love how you captured her facial expressions.

I have little boys but could that be the temper of a little diva?

HA!! Just kidding!!

Hope you are having a great week!

Anonymous said...

now THATS funny!

Janna said...

that's too funny, talia! i didn't even recognize her!! but so cute!!

too funny!


Vivi said...

She's the cutest...and this face made me laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

Tal, that is hilarious! You'll have to compare when she's a teenager and see if she makes the same face! ha ha. Wait, how scary is it to think of your baby as a teenager? Yikes! Osh and I miss hanging out with you guys. We'll have to do something together soon! xo, Jodes

Anonymous said...


- niki

Kim said...

Still completely adorable...even with a scwol!

Anonymous said...

Aww... she is too cute!!