Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This is what my desk looks like today... I am so so busy as usual...what's new, right? We are heading out of town tomorrow for a little weekend away. First on the agenda is a photo shoot with this amazing photographer. I am so excited to meet her and to hopefully get some good pictures of my little family. After that we're heading to Graham's parents so the girls can play with grandma and grandpa and so Gray can dirt-bike. I'm looking forward to our little road trip but it's always such a feat to get packed up and ready to go. Some of the things on my list that I want to make sure I don't forget are:
-sippy cups
-a new toy to bribe Payton with (ie. "If you smile pretty you get a new toy!!)
-play pen
-snacks for the drive
Every five minutes I think of something else that I need to bring and then five minutes after that I've already forgotten what I was thinking about. AAhh!!

For Mother's day, my husband was assigned to be in charge of the Mother's Day "gift" at of course I had to come up with something! It was fun to do though, I really didn't mind. I love Mother's Day....I think ALL women should be celebrated, not just mother's....every woman has something special about her and something to GIVE. So for our little "gift" I used various quotes from the "She" book by Kobi Yamada. I think these statements are so powerful, and they can apply to all types of women. My sister came over yesterday and we filled all the boxes with kisses (chocolate ones, not real ones!) and tied all the tags on. I hope everyone enjoys them!! These are some of my favorite statements from the book:
"She loved life and it loved her right back."
"She listened to her heart above all the other voices."
"She just had this way of brightening the day."
"She walked in when everyone else walked out."

"She made the whole world feel like home."
"She decided to enjoy more and endure less."
"She woke up one day and threw away all her excuses."

"She discovered that SHE was the one she'd been waiting for."

Really, I could go one forever. This book is amazing. If you don't have it, it's definately worth it and something you will read over and over again. Everytime I read it I think about all of the amazing "she's" in my life...I love it!
I quickly made these Mother's Day cards last night...I got the little stickers at Walmart in the cards section. I don't use purple very much so that was fun. I hope everyone has a fun weekend and a good Mother's day...make sure you do something special for that "she" in your life. She doesn't have to be a mama to be celebrated, but if she is, then even more the reason to spoil her!! And I almost forgot...our second challenge is up over at the Goodie Box! It's a fun one, I can't wait to see what you all come up with...please play along with us!!

And last but not least...Donna W, I'm still waiting to hear from ya! Email me your mailing address to so I can get this stuff out to you!!



Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!! Enjoy your trip!!


Krainik Family said...

Your scrapbook room is awesome! I really like the cute boxes with the quotes on them, very creative. Have a fun trip and great Mother's Day!

Jamie said...

Happy Mother's Day Talia!

I hope you guys have fun this weekend.

Jamie ~ Alabama

Maurita said...

love the boxes, will have to do something like that for our RS party in June (garden party theme). have a wonderful time away. Where are you doing pix at. You'll love her she is amazing. Can't wait to see your pix!!

Ashley Schultz said...

I love the little boxes you made for the women in your ward and those cards are so cute. Have a fun vacation!

Starr Mercer said...

You are a lucky girl...can't wait to see the photos of your beautiful family from the shoot with Rebecca! Hope you share them. Have a great weekend!

the goodie box girls said...

The boxes turned out so great Tal! Love them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Talia

More fantastic inspirational ideas! Love your room. Hope you have a fantastic time with Rebecca her work looks amazing. Happy Mothers Day. Bye for now Angela (NZ)

Starr Mercer said...

Hey Talia
As on of your avid blog-readers, can I request more pics of your scrap-room? I love to see other women's special creating spaces. Can't wait to see the pics from your weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

deb said...

Wow! I'm so inspired by your scrap space! Makes me want to clean mine. HA! :) What an inspiring blog you have.