Monday, July 23, 2007

i'm here...really.

Hey, Everyone!

I haven't been the best blogger, and I'll spare you all the same old excuse of me being "busy"...but as I've been saying alot's summer! I actually went away this weekend to Colorado to visit my old friend Kristin and it was so much fun. We haven't seen eachother in a loooong time so it was great and totally like old times. We laughed a ridiculous amount...the kind of laughing that you're like, kay, WHAT are we even laughing about? So that was fun. And Gray stayed home with the girls (he a little help from both grandma's!) and they were able to have some much needed daddy-daughter time. And, of course....NO PICTURES! My camera is being fixed right now and I am so annoyed 'cause I am missing out on some awesome photo opportunities. So that is frustrating. I feel lost without my camera!


I just wanted to thank ALL of you so much for your sweet comments and support on my class at BPS. I am so glad and honored that so many of you are already jumping right in and getting started, motivated and inspired!! (I've already recieved some pictures of people's layouts!! Keep 'em coming!!) And remember, it is never too late! However old your kids are, you can always scrapbook their baby photos!! Please, email me if you ever have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them ASAP. And I love hearing feed-back, too!

And I promise that I have done some scrapbooking....but with no camera I haven't been able to photograph anything and I don't do the whole scanner thing anymore...way too time consuming! I will share one day, I promise!! As always, I hope everyone is having a good Monday, and just thought I'd leave you with a quote that is speaking to me today:

"Face new challenges,
seize new opportunities,
test your resources against the unknown
and in the process,
discover your own
unique potential."

-John Amatt

(and psssttt! check out the Goodie Box!)


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to sign up for it!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I'm so glad you had a fun time with your friend. Great quote.