Saturday, July 28, 2007

happy birthday, gabby

It is hard to believe that it has been one whole year since we had Gabby. I can't imagine life without her...her little smile, her squinty eyes, her chubby little body and precious personality. She may be one, but she's still my baby! One year ago today...

...we went to Dairy Queen for dinner and decided that the next day would be a good day to have the would be a Saturday, Gray wasn't working...perfect time to pop out a little baby! (hehe! Little did we know we actually would have the baby the next day!)

...I was in labour all night long while my husband slept peacefully. (aarrrgghh!!) ...I gave birth for the second time with no drugs.

...I said "goodbye" to Payton as my baby and she became a big sister.

...we welcomed our precious daughter, Gabriella into this world and into our family.

...I realised that it really WAS possible to love another child just as much as your first. .

..I became a mama all over again, to a perfect little angel...
Happy Birthday, Gabby! We love you more than life've made our little family complete. My sister in law did a cute little slide show of her son on his first birthday, and I totally attempted to do the same last night, but it just did not wokr for me! So I know there are lot of pictures....but scroll down for a little peek at Gabby's first year of life.....*sigh*...I still can't believe she is one year old!

Love you, love you, love you, Gabby!!!



Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Hi Talia, my name is Maggie and I'm from Mexico, I have a one year old baby and enjoy taking a lot of pictures of my family.
I also do a lot of digiscapping but here in Mexico is not very commun like in USA.
I saw your blog and wanted to say congratulations to you and your little Gabby!!!
You have a pretty family just like mine. Lucky of us! Bye
Visit me...

Anonymous said...

sooooo cute tal!! love that kid. give her hugs and kisses for me!!

- niki

Kara said...

omg talia!! i think that it was just 2 seconds ago that you were posting that you were pregnant again. where does the time go??

she is such a cutie, as is payton! what a blessing!

the goodie box girls said...

Happy Birthday Gabbs! We love you so much!!!

Karli said...


just curious, how old was gabby when you pierced her ears? i am pregnant with our first and IF it's a girl, i want to do it when she's a baby, but I don't know how long people genrally wait or what... she's so dang cute! thanks!


Andi said...

Happy Birthday to Gabby!! She is just too cute for words!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your little girl. I enjoy reading your blog and love to see all the beautiful stuff you create. I love the font you used on the picture at the beginning of your post. Could you share the name of the font? Thanks.

Maurita said...

Happy Birthday babes, we love you!!
(& you ARE the most darling little thing ever!!!!)

Wish we were with you in MT!! enjoy the sunshine.
Forrest, Tagg, Berke, Mo and Scotty

Charin said...

Awww! Those pictures are so precious! My baby girl is turning 7 months old on the 4th, and I can't *believe* how fast time is flying! Being a Mama is the best thing ever. :)