Friday, October 12, 2007

day 2

Wow, I'm actually doing this! I saw my camera as I was at the computer this morning and thought, "Time to take a picture!"

Just one of Payton playing on my bed as I was cleaning this morning...she was playing with a bracelet and laughing at Ellen Degeneres with me. Tried to get Gabby in a shot but that girl is next to impossible to get photos of lately. Maybe I'll get a good one of her sometime in the next month???

We'll see.

Have a good weekend, everyone!!



nichole said...

Love the picture with the feet in focus and the face out of focus. so cute. I came over from Kim's blog, you might remember me from Connor's Hill?

Andi said...

Love this photo-a-day challenge!! I think I want to play!

Tanya said...

I found your blog in Sansku's blog last week... Just love your scrapbooking! I'm just beginner in that hobby here in Finland.

Good luck to your "a photo a day" project! I made the same many years ago for one year. What a wonderful memory that photoalbum is nowadays.