Thursday, October 11, 2007

a photo a day...

Okay, so I've decided to do the "a photo a day" challenge for my Year to Remember class. I love this idea and it's actually something I've wanted to do for a long time. And since I've been so crappy at taking pictures lately I thought this would help! So, we'll see if I can stay on top of it...but for the next 30 days I'll be posting "a photo a day." I'm excited to see how it turns out...little pieces of my life documented day by day...kinda cool. If anyone else wants to do it, let me know!

So here is day one:

I thought I'd try a self portrait...kinda funny, both of the girls were crawling all over me, so it lasted all of about 5 seconds! But that's good. No stress, just trying to snap a quick photo!

So our weekend was awesome. It was so great for Graham and I to get away together....we actually haven't done that since before Gabby was born. Crazy!! We seem to take little trips away seperatley, but that was the first time we've been alone. Sleeping in was the best....aaahhh! Oh, how I miss sleeping in! I'm sad to say that I really didn't take any pictures in was so rainy both days that we were there that I was in no mood to get camera happy. So just "remembering" our weekend is good enough for me. Shopping, driving, walking hand in hand, sushi, movies, coffee shops, watching "Heroes" in the was awesome. But...we totally missed the girls, of course. It was so nice to come home to them!!!

Wow, I can't believe it is already Thursday already. We just got back and we are already heading to Red Deer this weekend for Thanksgiving with Graham's family. I think I will stop eating now so I can make room for all the food we'll be having!


Happy Thursday,


Anonymous said...

Hey...I think a photo a day is a great idea. Plus at the end you could make the most adorable mini album...30 days in the life of... with some cool journaling, random thoughts, phrases....Love the idea!

Lindsay P

Anonymous said...

Hot Momma!! I cant wait to do a photo a day too!!

Kim said...

I'm excited to do my photo a day...such a fun thing. Glad you had fun on your little trip nice!

Ashley said...

Your "photo a day" challenge sounds like fun. I've been wanting to do something like that.

Bobbi-Jo said...

Look at your eyelashes! Are you kidding me?!?! HOW is that fair?? I did a photo a day challenge for a year, and it was amazing the improvement I saw even after the first few days. I'm excited to see!

Krainik Family said...

Love the picture! What a good idea, to do a photo a day, I should try that.