Thursday, October 04, 2007

i'm on my way... Vancouver tomorrow to pick up my little brother, Billy and bring him home. He's been there for the past year going to film school and he's coming home till Christmas and then he's off to Montreal to pursue his career. He is the cutest and I am so proud of him...I love that he is totally going for it and doing something he loves...but I've missed him! So I'm looking forward to this weekend...Gray and I will get a little alone time and then we just get to play around Vancouver with Billy. I love that city and it has been forever since I've been. When I was working on the cruise ship we used to port there every 2 was always fun to go shopping!! Anyways...we're comin', Billy!

I couldn't help myself...I had to do a little scrapping today...SOOOO not the time to be doing it when there's so much to do before we leave tomorrow, but isn't that always when you feel the most creative? Right when you have a huge list of things to do. But oh, well...these pages make me happy!

This one is using all the fun new Elsie stuff...

...and my October page for Heidi's class...(I am totally on the ball this month!)

I love this layout....we're focusing on "time" this month and we had to choose photos that make you happy and that have shown the passage of time...these pictures were taken when Payton was only 5 days old. I just remember feeling so tired, overwhelmed and totally IN HEAVEN. Now it's almost 3 years later and I have a sassy 2 (almost 3!) year old as well as another little one running crazy. It's such a cliche, but I really do wish that time would slow down...I know I will look back on these days and yearn for them...I don't want my girls to grow up! I love where my little family is at.

Anyways....also thinking about things I am grateful for as it is Thanksgiving this weekend...

I'm thankful that my husband is (finally) home from working out of town. It is lonely without him!

I'm thankful for scrapbooking, magazines, books and anything that inspires me to create.

I'm thankful that my mom is watching my kids this weekend so I can have a break with my hubby.

I'm thankful that my Grandma is taking the dog...we always seem to forget about her until the last minute when we are heading out of town!

I'm thankful for my girls...I will save you all from my gushing and just simply say that they are my life.

I'm thankful for my husband...he is so dedicated and truly lives for his girls.

I'm thankful for the best family and best friends in the world! Yes, we are ALL a little crazy at times, but I couldn't live without all of these people in mine and Graham's life!!

(me, Adria and Kim at Starbuck's last weekend) really is time to get packing and doing laundry and all that fun stuff. Hope everyone has a good weekend, head on over to the Goodie Box if you're needing some Fall and Halloween inspiration!!



Anonymous said...

awwww - that feels like home LO is the cutest!!! me loves. give billy a great big hug for me,k?

- niki

Ashley said...

Beautiful layouts! Love the picture of you, Kim, and Adria too-so cute! Have fun this weekend!

LindsayB said...

love your thankful list, what a good idea. hope you have a FUN weekend. my brother lives there too, beautiful place. btw your fall pics in the last post are TO DIE FOR! what a cute family.

Kim said...

Have so much fun! And I love the layouts!!!

Jamie said...

Love the clock layout. I have had one of those for a while now and not sure what to do with it. I might have to swipe your layout.

I hope all you girls up in Canada have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am planning to put out all my fall decorations this weekend. We have several more weeks until Thanksgiving here in the States.

Take Care!

Elsie Flannigan said...

you are SUCH a talented girl! i love your layouts! :)

hugs. e

s a n s k u :) said...

Hi Talia! Karly told me about your blog yesterday and of course I had to advertise on my blog as well. You have already had visitors from Finland checking your blog. Now I need to check older posts if you have put pictures of your home here. If not, please do. I know my Finnish friends would fall in love with your home. :)
You guys are so photogenic! Beautiful pictures and fun to see more of your scrapbooking.
sanna-miina :)