Friday, November 30, 2007

makin' cookies

Okay, so how long has it been since I've blogged? Over a week?? Yikes. And what a week it has been. The flu hit us HARD here and we are finally recovering. Amazingly Gabby didn't get it like the rest of us, so that's a good thing, but Gray and I were totally out of commission for the first part of this was not fun and I am hoping that it is just totally OVER. As if getting settled in this new house hasn't been enough to deal with and then with Christmas coming....ah, life is crazy as always.

So the other night when we were all feeling a bit better we decided to make some Christmas cookies. It was so fun to do something as a little family. The girls loved playing with the flour and dough (Gabby just shoved as much in her mouth as she possibly could), and after they had a bath we decorated the cookies. Payton thought this was the greatest thing. I love how children are so happy with the simplest of activities...what mattered was that we were doing something together. After the cookies we read some Christmas books by the tree...another activity that the girls loved. We have a few Christmas books and I want to buy one every Christmas so we always have lots of Christmas stories to read. Just a tradition that I'm in the beginning stages of.

I can't believe it is almost December. The main thing I've been trying to tell myself lately is to not stress out....I really just want to keep things simple this year and focus on the things that matter. I think we tend to put tons of pressure on ourselves over things that don't matter...lets just focus on the things that do.

Okay, so Kim and I just worked on some Goodie Box stuff this was very fun and I'm very excited for December. Scrapbooking rocks.

Have an awesome weekend.


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Kim said...

I bet the girls loved it!!! So fun to do little Christmas things as a family... :)