Wednesday, November 21, 2007

where's gabby?

So we've discovered the "Where's Gabby?" game...I realize this video is totally repetitive, but I just had to share...and she gets distracted at the end by the cartoons that were on the TV. Oh, how I love this little punk! She is a handful and a half but I don't know what I would do without her!

I've been busy busy busy this week getting all of my scrapbook stuff unpacked and my room organized. I have alot of stuff...the joke on moving day was that if you weren't sure where a box was supposed to go, just send it to the scrapbook room! Ha ha. I love being in a new space and finding new homes for all of my stuff. It's totally it.

Just a short one tonight...I promise that I will be back soon with scrapbooking stuff to share. I feel like I'm boring everyone here lately on the ol' blog, but I just haven't had much free time! I cannot believe that it is the end of November. That is seriously scary. I haven't given one thought to Christmas shopping or Payton's birthday. Yikes. Next week, right???


the goodie box girls said...

haha! That is so cute!!! Cute little Gabbs!!! I luv her!

Kim said...

I know I made a comment already, but I have to tell you that Cody thought this was the cutest thing! :)

Bobbi-Jo said...

That is so adorable! She reminds me of my little girl - Jayda. I love the little jabber she does afterwards - so funny!

Anonymous said...

Gabbs is such a sweetheart!! What a doll she is :)

Anonymous said...

awww - molly loved this! she played it with her. i had to put it on like 3 times!!

- niki

s a n s k u :) said...

I check your blog almost every day even though I don't leave messages. I love that video of Payton going down the snowy slide. Oh, how did you do that Halloween picture collage?

Phlease put some pictures of your new home here when you get things organized. I've been raving about your home to my little sister and can't wait to show her. :)

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