Monday, December 24, 2007

a page and a project

A couple things to share today....

First is my November layout for my Heidi Swapp class...

The concept behind this page was to create a page using a bunch of different envelopes in different colors and sizes....I absolutely LOVE it. I love the contrast of the bright envelopes against the dark brown background. Yay. Then, I'll be writing a letter to each person in my family to be read 5 years from now....such a cool's scary to think that in 5 years Payton will be 8, Gabby will be 6, Graham and I will have been married for almost 12 years....aaahhhh!!! That's freakin' me out a bit!!

And the next thing I wanted to share was this photo box that I decorated for my mom as a last-minute Christmas gift. I made it last night...I think it only took me an hour from start to finish.

When we were all at my mom's the other day, my niece and I were looking through all of my mom's photos and we noticed that she doesn't really have a specific place for all the pictures she has of her grandkids, so I thought this was a perfect gift for her!! And the best part was, it only cost me 2 whole dollars. I got the box on sale at Michaels the other day and everything else I had on hand. I just glued the paper on with a gluestick...nothin' too fancy! This was another Heidi Swapp inspired project...hopefully mom won't look at my blog before Christmas morning!!

AND....I'm just waiting for all the comments saying "HOW can you have time to be doing this kind of stuff on Christmas Eve???"....haha! In all honesty, I love Christmas Eve-day....this is literally the first day in FOREVER that we haven't had to be somewhere doing something, and it's been so nice for all of us to just be chillin' in our pajamas doing whatever we want. Gabby's had a nap, I've been doing laundry and Payton's been busy playing with all of her birthday presents.

The calm before the storm, right???



Kara said...

what an awesome idea. i have letters i wrote to my girls when i was pregnant with them. its nice to read every so often. esp. since i was preg. with my now 8 yr. old when i was 18!
best of luck in 2008!

Ashley said...

Cute box! I'm sure your mom loved it.

diane said...

hi talia...typing with baby on knee... loved your box and your girlies christmas dresses too... bet your mom made cute!
Happy new year...
Diane R