Wednesday, April 23, 2008

christmas pictures???

One of the things I'm working on is actually getting photos developed, rather than printing off one photo at a time whenever I want to do a scrapbook page. Last night I started editing a bunch of Christmas pictures I took of the girls in was so much fun! I totally remember this day...Gabby wouldn't take her fingers out of her mouth and neither of them would look at that camera. Oh, well...I still love how they turned out. I can't wait to get a bunch of these printed and then get working on some Christmas pages.

Who said Christmas pictures are only for December???


diane said...

Hi Talia...
i can't believe no one has commented on these adorable photos yet!!! I love them, and I am sure you'll be able to do an amazing job of scrapbooking these, too!
Sorry I am too busy to partake in the goodie box lately... too much going on in my world... but i enjoy seeing other's work when I get the chance to check out the blog! Thanks for all the inspirations!
Just me,
Diane R.

Jamie said...

Just catching up on your site. Love all the layouts of your little Gabby from above.

Just curious... What is your "process" for editing and printing photos? I get in that rut too where I only edit and print (4x6 and smaller ones) at a time. Am I correct in reading that you are going to start printing "batches" of photos and then scrapping them? I would love to do this but I do not want upload and print all 4x6. I was just curious what your process was. Thanks!

Jamie ~ Alabama