Sunday, April 27, 2008

what to blog about?

Oh, I feel like the ole' blog is so boring lately...this past week has been sooooo nice for me, 'cause I FINALLY feel like I don't have anything going on beyond the daily routine. And I am loving it. doesn't make for very interesting blog entires! Hee hee! Oh, well...I am very happy with my slow-paced schedule lately and I am hoping it stays that way for just a *little* while longer.

I've been playing around with my camera, I'm trying to learn how to actually use it. Learn is the key word here. You can see in the picture below how I'm trying to use the "aperture" to get that nice blur in the background...not sure if this was a fluke or not, but like I said, I'm learning!! (Payton was very unwilling to pose, hence the picture of her feet and not her face. And yes, she is wearing a swimsuit...this poor kid is dying to get outside in some nice weather!!)

Another thing I'm working on is (surprise) scrapbooking!! I really want to get caught up on some pages for Gabby. I want to do an album for her like I did for Payton, so I kicked out a few pages this weekend. I just want this project to be FUN...I plan on doing some shameless scraplifting and I just want to keep it simple. It's more about enjoying scrapbooking and revisiting all of her baby pics, as opposed to trying do new and innovative things. I just want to enjoy the process. I'll post pages here and there as I finish them...I am excited to get going on this.

This weekend was fun...I think this was maybe the last weekend that I had Graham home before the dirt-biking begins, so I've tried to make the most of it! On Saturday morning we went and looked at these showhomes for something to do. It was fun to dream...haha! Then we took the girls to Ikea where we disagreed over what bed to buy for Gabby, so we didn't bother getting one at all, then we went home and had a nap all afternoon. It was awesome. Then after church today we had another nap all afternoon. I love weekends!! I said, nothing too exciting to blog about tonight, but I just wanted to stop in. Kim and I have some fun stuff planned for the Goodie Box for May that we'll be working on this watch out for that. Have a great Monday!!



Anonymous said...

i'm jealous of your naps!! my weekend was the exact opposite! cute pics of payton though. love ya,-niki

Anonymous said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL picture of your daughter. WOW!! What a gorgeous portrait...:)
Happy Scrapbooking!

Robin Kearl said...

hey tal - sounds like my weekend too - lots of naps - and a little family outing on Saturday! Hope all is well with the fam. Say hi to Graham - hopefully we see each other soon. jack misses his cousins.

Kim said...

Cute pics!! So nice to have naps like that :)