Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a little peek... Payton's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" dance at her recital on Saturday morning.

Everything went awesome, no problems at all, except our camera battery ran out, of course. AAaaarrgghh! Hence the 30 second video. Ah, well...what do you do? We did get a couple videos of her practicing the whole routine at the studio, so at least we have something. Freakin' batteries! Always dying when you need 'em. The one thing I forgot to check the night before! Anyways, she was adorable and her class was so cute...they actually watched their teacher (for the most part) and they were great. My big girl! So now we're done dancing for the summer...and in the fall she'll be doing tap, too. She's very excited to get tap shoes!

Here's a layout I did of Payton in her costume...I've been so inspired by Kim's little flaps that she's been doing on her thanks Kim! I've never been good at using multiple photos on a page, so this has been fun.

We leave for Disneyland on Saturday morning, so I've just been busy getting things ready to go. I cannot'll be fun to have a little getaway.

Oh, and I've updated my scrapbook album for anyone who wants to take a peek.
See you soon!



Robin Kearl said...

Hey Tal -
Have fun at Disneyland. Payton will have so much fun! And I am sure you'll fit some time to do some shopping too!! Fun! Can't wait to hear about it. We'll see you in July!!

diane said...

AH...the memories of a dancing daughter...will last forever! I can't wait til my grandbaby starts dancing lessons, now. she has tap she is ready!
Have fun in Disneyland... what fun you'll have... that 's another thing i look forward to with the grandbaby, too!
Diane R

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous trip! Can't wait to see your pics!!

Amy said...

Just wanted to drop a note to say that I totally love your blog and relate to you on so many levels! I absolutely love your scrapbooking style and stop by often for inspiration! Have a wonderful time on your trip! Take care, Amy =)

Charin said...

That is so sweet! :) I can't wait until my little Katie's old enough to dance :)