Sunday, January 11, 2009

catching up

So, one of my scrapbooking projects for 2008 was a monthly calendar where I did one layout/month using photos from that month. I've finally been working on some projects and this is one that I finished last week...I just sat down a couple nights in a row and made myself do these layouts! It was nice to create and play, with simple, finished layouts as a result. So here they are:







In hindsight, I am so glad that I did this calendar...I'll be doing another for 2009! It guarantees that I have at least 1 layout from every month of the year, plus, it's fun to read all the tidbits of things we did this past year. Many of you may have heard of Project 365...well, this is my take on it. My reality is that there is just no way I would stay on top of taking a picture every single day of the year (even though I think it is a fabulous idea!), so this is just another great way to capture one year of your family's well as the monthly photo collages from the past couple posts!

I'm thinking for 2009, maybe I'll use my monthly photo collages as my layouts for the calendar, and then continue with filling in the bottom of the calendar with all the details from that month. Again, it isn't a picture/day, but it CAN be a handful of pictures from each month that totally depict and showcase a year of your life. Whew!

And just a few other thoughts...because I organize my photos by the month on my computer, it was super easy to pick pictures from each month to scrapbook. This way, you don't have to stay on top of this project on a monthly basis...when you get the urge to scrapbook, you can do a few layouts at a time. However...I did fill in the "calendar bottoms" on a monthly basis, just so I wouldn't forget anything. And that's easy to do every month. Makin' sense?

Anyways, just wanted to share this stuff. It feels good to be getting stuff on my list: the baby album.

Can't wait!



Diana said...

Wow, it looks great and it is a great idea for that project.
I just have to think of something like that next time...
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

oh, they are all so cute!!! i know lots of people project 365 too, but i can't commit!! i like the month to month idea though!! luvs,

s a n s k u :) said...

I noticed a bit of love, elsie influence there. Cute! I will be doing a calendar for my mom this year for a Christmas gift. Instead of writing what's happening in our lives, she'll get a calendar for her own use. But with lots of pictures from us. So thanks for all the inspiration. My pages won't be this cute though. :) But you inspired me to put some more effort into it than do it too simple.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! Where did you get the blank calendar to begin with? Or did you make it?? Thanks for the inspiration!

Lindsay Bateman said...

Beautiful calendar Tal! What a gorgeous capture of a year. I have just started one but I started it in September 08 (the month I was married) and am doing it up until September 2009...kind of like "our first year of marraige"...anyway thanks to you and your amazing talents, you inspired me to attempt this project when I saw your calendar at girls night out! thanks for sharing!!:)

jessica said...

looks really cute! i love the embellishments for December. where they from?

Jamie said...

Your calendar turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

Just curious... What size is that one?

Kim said...

Love it!! So nice to be back into it, hey? :)

Cheney Family said...

Cute, cute, cute! I took your baby album class from BPS and it was the solution to much stress over how to organize a MILLION photos! I just got into digiscrapping so for the next baby I'm going to make templates based on your class to just fill in every month. Thanks for being so inspiring!