Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a "stay-at-home" day.

Today was a stay-at-home day. After waking up to tons of snow (that was still falling) and freezing cold weather, I decided to skip Payton's dance class and just have a lazy day at home. Good for me, bad for the girls. 'Cause I did the same thing yesterday and skipped taking Payton to playschool. Oops. I didn't realize how just one little outing in the day really breaks it up for the kids. I, of course, am always happy to stay home, but I guess my kids have gotten used to their schedule. So tomorrow, snow, cold and all, we'll be getting in the car to get Payton to playschool. Can I do it? We'll see! (haha)

Honestly, I am just feeling so PREGNANT lately. At 30 weeks I'm getting bigger, tired, and the smallest task seems like a huge one. AAaahhh! Only a couple months to go, but I feel like I could have this baby tomorrow. What the heck am I going to be feeling like in March??? Scary-ness, I tell ya.

ANYWAYS, amidst the hair-pulling, time-outs, mess-making and fighting today (I told you the girls were having some cabin fever!), I DID manage to get out my new camera and play around a bit. "Play" is the keyword here. I was basically turning knobs and pushing buttons and I had no clue what I was doing! But I did get some cute shots...very unplanned, but what the heck. I'm excited to learn how to use this camera...I figure in about a year I'll know what I'm doing. Haha!!

Here are the ones I got of Payton...(and yes, she's wearing a swimsuit. She dresses herself, okay?)

And Gabby-Gabbs...(I love the crumbies on her lips and in her hair from snack time!)

Like I said, LOTS to learn, but at least I finally got that darn camera out of the box. I haven't taken any pictures since Christmas so this was fun! Okay, off to watch American Idol. Soooooo excited that it's on again!

Tal xo


Lindsay Bateman said...

Gorgeous photos! You captured some really beautiful shots...cannot wait to see how you are going to scrap some of them!! Also...I thought I was the only one who dreaded leaving the house some days too...just a heads up you are not alone in that feeling! This winter has been CRAZY! Well take care, it looks like things are looking up weather wise too!
Thanks for sharing some great stuff and gorgeous pics of your gals!:)

Jamie said...

Very cute shots!

I am the same way - could stay home most days too.

niki said...

such darling pictures tal!! i want a new camera now!

s a n s k u :) said...

Cute pictures. Nothing wrong about the bathing suit. You gotta pretend it's beach time somehow. :)

Hey, if you ever want a break, please feel free to drop off Gabby (and Payton if she's not in play school) at our place for a bit. Sienna could use some play friends at times so it would be doing us a favor too. :)

At least it's supposed to be nice now for couple of days. Today was lovely.

niki said...

oh, and also...
PS: I have tagged you!

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chanel said...

cute post ... so fun you have a new camera, i remember feeling the same way - so many knobs etc, i have done a few courses and its exciting to learn - although i have such a huge respect for photographers now - its pretty awesome stuff, so many factors to consider.
Funny seeing the genetics fall over your children, your eldest is so like your husband, and Gabby more like your self ... wonder who #3 will look like? my first 2 look like their dad ... and #3 has some of my genes (only sum - wink) try and enjoy the end of your pregnancy, its such an amazing time - such a miracle you are making
luv chanel