Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been busy getting things ready for this baby that will be coming soon. As of today I am *almost* 36 weeks and considering that both of my girls came 1 and 2 weeks early, I could technically have this little one any time! I am all the things you'd expect to be feeling at this point before a new baby comes...excited, nervous, uncomfortable, scared, hopeful. You name it, I'm feelin' it. Here's a little peek at her closet...a good mix of old and new baby clothes. I am amazed at the amount of baby clothing we have accumulated in this house over the past 4 years! I am super sentimental, so I'm very excited for the baby to wear some of the same little outfits and sleepers that both of her big sisters wore and to be cuddled in the same blankets that we cuddled the "big girls" in. (I'm pretty sure we'll be referring to Payton and Gabby as the "big girls" once the baby comes!) And pink and brown are most definatley a popular color combo this season! It seems that almost everything new I've bought is pink and brown. Funny!

Anyways, there's still lots to do before we meet our newest little girl. Her room is all painted and ready to be mom will be sewing her bedding and curtains and then I'll be able to work on all the finishing touches. Of course I want the room to be totally "done" before she comes but we'll see...I'll do as much as I can do. I can't wait to share!

Today has turned out to be a busy day. It started off with cleaning up puke in about 6 different locations around the house at 7 o'clock this morning and since then we've done lunch, play-doh, walmart and a little mini birthday party at Payton's friends house this afternoon. Whew! And my house is a disaster and I have 2 new magazines that are begging to be read. AAahhh! What to do? Oh, and top of all of that Graham is out of town till tomorrow night working so I am on my own. For some reason that always makes things a little bit more unbearable, hey? Oh, well...I suppose I'll survive!

Okay, off to start on some of that cleaning that needs to be done.



s a n s k u :) said...

I can't wait to see the baby room! I sure hope you get it done before the baby comes too. ;)

diane said...

Looks like some adorable little baby outfits in that closet!!! Hope all goes smooth over the time leading up to baby's arrival!
Take care...
Diane R.

Charin said...

I just blogged about a lot of the same things!! :) Aren't you *so* ready for these babies to get here? :)
I hope she comes soon for you. :)
P.S. I hope the pukeyness goes away for your household!

Bobbi-Jo said...

Never a dull moment at your house! LOL! Just WAIT until cutie #3 arrives ;)

So happy for you and your family! I'll be praying that things go boringly well :)

Lindsay Bateman said...

Great photo! Will make an excellent addition to the baby book. Actually I talked my friend into making a baby book scrapbook entitled "while we waited for you" and it was pictures of everything before the baby arrived (baby's room, mom and dad, belly shots,etc.)along with journaling of everything going on. This picture just reminded me of that idea and how cute it would be in an album! Cute share!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! i can't believe she's coming so soon. can not wait! oh and alos, we got the presents today...molly opened both of them! thank you - they are loved!!

Jess said...

you make me want another.. a very pink other.. with 4 boys honestly i cant even smuggle pink into this house!!!

Jess said...
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