Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the baby's room

Welcome to the baby's room! I'm excited that it's all finished and ready to go. I had so much fun doing this room and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to...take a look!

I had it in my head that I wanted the crib to be hot pink, and thanks to my husband, that's what I got. This is the same crib from Ikea that both Payton and Gabby used, now with a little face-lift! (Gray had to do like 4 coats to get the pink to cover the wood...thanks, sweetie!)

I'm also not bothering with a mobile for now and just went with my tissue pom-poms instead (how-to here). I just loooove the look of girly and pretty and feminine and fresh...I'd put them in my own room if my husband would let me!

And my mom sewed all the perfect! I knew I wanted hot pink and green as my color scheme and after some searching this is what I found. I believe that all the fabrics used in the room are Amy Butler. Love her stuff!

I'm all about using up space for under the crib I have baskets with clothes for the baby to grow into, rather than having them crowd the closet and drawers. Oh, and tulle just makes everything cuter, right?

Yes, the baby will have a "K" name...well, at least we think so! Hehe! If it doesn't suit her, then I guess the K will be coming down! I had both the "K" and the clouds hand-cut, they're not available for purchase. Sorry! (I know people will be asking!) This frame and the one above the crib are both Ribba frames from Ikea.

The rocking mom sewed the quilt and pillow, and this little Pooh has had a special place in all 3 of my baby rooms.

The change table. Again, Graham painted it pink and I replaced the's amazing what a difference a little paint and new hardware can do. The little lamp on the top is from Ikea, too. I love it 'cause it's really dim...perfect for quiet times in the rocking chair.

I also got these awesome baskets at Ikea for organizing all of that random baby "stuff" that collects...soothers, hair-things, baby mitts, whatever. Just all those little accessories that you manage to get. Love them! (Oh, and these flowers are for Payton and Gabby, too...just keepin' them all in one place!)

Okay, I am realizing that everything I buy is fom Ikea. Boring! But it's the right price, and just clean and simple stuff. Know what I mean? These little shelves are from there as well, and work perfectly to hold and display favorite books. (Speaking of books, Karen Katz has become a favorite of mine. Cute, colorful, sweet children's books. Love them.)

And last but not least, the closet. Looking quite organized right now...we'll see how long that lasts! The only clothes I have out are newborn to 3 months...if I pull too much out then it just gets to be too much and too crowded. I'm so lucky to have so much for this little one...with a grandma that sews and tons of girl clothes in this house already, we are set. And now we wait.

Oh, and if this baby happens to be a boy, then I have A LOT of work ahead of me. Ha ha!

Thanks for looking!
Tal :)


Amelia said...

What a cute room! And I love the quilt /=) I remember anticipating my littlest one, so much excitement and nerves too, hehheh. You're gonna have a beautiful ride!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous! Can you come decorate my daughter's room? ;)

Robyn W. said...

It is darling Talia! Love what you did - it's so you! :) That Amy Butler green dot fabric is one of my all-time favs - so timeless and fresh! Your mom did an amazing job with all that! Good luck with the birth - I've been thinking about you! So exciting! Hugs!

Ashley said...

So cute! What a lucky little baby to have such an adorable room. Nice job!

Kaitlyn said...

Can you come decorate my house? No, seriously can you? You did such an amzing job, and now I have the decorating bug again after seeing your baby's adorable room.

niki said...

oooo - it looks gorgeous tal!! mom did such a great job with all the sewing!

palexander said...

What font/size are the initials in the girls room? Thanks

jessica said...

I've been checking your blog everyday to see if you'd had this baby! I'm so excited for you. The room is adorable. You have simple, clean, fresh and organized style! I just love it all! Good luck with everything!

s a n s k u :) said...

That last sentence... :D

What a cute room! Love the color combo.

Ikea is great. What would I do without that place too. Reminds me of home. :)

Love the pom poms in the room. And all the rest.

Good stuff. Now you're all ready.

Charin said...

You have the best decorating style!! :) I love it. :)
I'm wanting to put clouds up in my little Colin's room too, the ones in Elsie's store really inspired me. (And now you have all over again!) :)

eira said...

This room is incredibly cute! Makes me wanna redo my baby's room...except he's a maybe this wouldn't work to well :-).
Greetings from Austria,

rebecs said...

im sure you dont remember me from the ytr class, but i always stop by often. You do such an amazing job with your cute house!!! i enjoy your blog.

Lindsay Bateman said...

So beautiful Tal! You did an amazing job on the room and your mom is so talented. You continue to inspire me always! Thanks for sharing such an intimate peek into your newborns room.

diane said...

I love it, too... it's adorable! Good luck with the next phase of BABY!!! I bet Payton and Gabby are getting excited, too! You seem very organized with everything! Take care!
Diane R.

Karen said...

Hi Talia,
Your baby girls room is beautiful! I love the bedding, very nice. All you need now is a sweet little vinyl quote! Call me (or leave a comment on my blog) if you're interested, we could get something done before your little one arrives!

Karen Davidson

Jordan & Breanne Heavenor said...

Wow Talia, its beautiful! So fun and girly! I'm excited to find out the name, and glad your keeping it a surprise. Your mom is amazing, the bedding is just beautiful! Next time I see her I must remeber to tell her what a good job she did.

Kim said...

Weird...I tried leaving a comment, but it didn't show up...Love the room!!! And I can't wait for this adorable baby girl to come :)

Anonymous said...

room=adorable. nuff said.

i mostly just wanted to comment to say that if you have your baby in the middle of the night, you can still phone us because it won't be night time here!

we love you, can't wait!

xo, jody

hks said...

looks like you are READY!

Steve & Alli said...

I heart your mom's sewing skills! Can you ask her what foam she used for the bumper? I'm finally gonna make one for Kalea's crib but I don't know which foam to buy- I sound like such a geek! The room is cute cute cute and YAY for K names! If you change your mind, I'll gladly take the K off the wall!

Kara said...

amazing room!!

i have 3 of those pom poms over my 2nd daughters bed, and some for above my baby stella's crib when she starts sleeping in her room!

i can't wait to 'meet' your sweet baby! :]

Momofgirls said...

What a lovely environment to come "home" to! What a lucky girl to have found you to be her Mommy!!! (and 2 big sisters too!)

Congratulations, everything looks darling, (hope the labor is easy and fast though!!)

Susanne said...

I'm going to ask this question in all seriousness...will you please photograph every room of your home and let us see it? I love your simple, classic, yet sometimes funky decorating style. I would LOVE to see your whole house! Please?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...I love the nursery... It makes me want to have another baby.

Robyn said...

How beautiful!! I love your blog. I found you from my friend Gale's blog. I would love to link you on my blog. You can look and see if that is okay. Just let me know. Here is my craft blog.....