Friday, June 12, 2009

just a couple...

Just a couple scrapbook pages I did this past week...Graham banished me to the basement one night to scrapbook and this is what I worked on. It was so much fun! Thanks, babe! It was funny though, these pages took me FOREVER to do...I am out of the groove, but it was so nice to play. So Kherington offically has a couple scrapbook pages...there are many more in my head, let's see if I'll ever be to actually do any of them!!

Today was a very busy day. I went downtown with the girls and my sister and my Grandma to get Kherington's passport photo and apply for her passport. So ridiculous that baby's need passports...don't even get me started. Sheesh. Anyways, if you're in the Edmonton area and need to get your baby's passport photo taken, just go to Canada Place and they'll take them right there and they're totally fast. It was great. Then we went for lunch at Red Robin's, came home and blew up the girls pool for the backyard and they played outside all afternoon while I cleaned my kitchen. It was fabulous! Summer is finally here...yay! Now it is almost 10pm and my list is still loooooong of all the things I want to get tonight, and here I am blogging. Ha!!

Have a happy weekend!!



jessica said...

well, even though it took you a while, I think these are two of my very favourite of yours. Especially the first, well and the second....ok I am in love with both!
gotta love summer!!

Jamie said...

Great layouts! I know what you mean about "getting in your groove". It took me forever to make the simplest layout last night.

Wondering if you could/would share your photo organization process with us? I am really struggling with getting my photos off the camera and then from there editing - etc... I know everyone's process is different but I would love to know what "system" you follow. Thanks!!

Lindsay Bateman said...

Such FUN layouts! Gorgeous. I am LOVING those color schemes. Couldn't agree with you more...yay! Summer looks like it's finally making it's presence!:)

Really beatiful layouts Tal.
Just gorgeous

p.s. and that husband of yours...what a great guy!:)

diane said...

love all your layouts Talia... you are so talented ...and your girls are so cute to create pages with as well!!!
Take care ...
Diane R

Anonymous said...

very nice, Tal. it certainly helps when the photo subjects are adorable! is the passport just for cabin this summer or do you guys have other fun plans, like oh i don't know...a trip to australia?! ha ha.
xo, jody

April said...

Both of these pages are absolutely precious!! Gorgeous papers too...
- April