Tuesday, June 09, 2009

she dressed herself yesterday...

...can you tell??

And don't worry, we totally went out in public with her dressed like this. (I should add that she had sparkly pink flip-flops on and a tan jacket to finish off the look.) She insisted that this was what she wanted to wear, and I wasn't gonna fight it! Haha. Oh, this girl makes me laugh. My sister totally busted up laughing when she walked into McDonald's and saw Gabby yesterday...gotta love her. I used to have my girls dressed up perfectly all the time, and now...not so much. I get to choose what they wear and make sure their hair is cute on Sunday's but during the week, anything goes lately! (it's an accomplishment if I even make it out of the house, so if my kids have clothes on, we're good...wink!)

And here are a few more randoms of our crazy-cute 2 year old:

Man, I could not live without this kid. She just makes us laugh and laugh and laugh. She's a little rascal and is always in trouble and torments her big sister and loves her baby sister and is just busy and cute and all-around fun.

Love you, love you Gabby-Gabbs!



Lindsay Bateman said...

AWWW...those pictures completely melted my heart. She actually reminds me of my little cousin Ainslee...they even look alike! Big brown eyes, dark hair...and always trying to keep up with her big sister Cadence! lol too cute. I can definitly see there is never a dull moment in your home. But that's what it is all about...these simple joys. Adorable pictures. They would make for a cute mini album "Antics of Gabby" or something...lol. I am sure there are many stories to go along with the pictures.:)

s a n s k u :) said...

Gabby, Gabby. Such a fun little girl. Cute pictures!

Kim said...

She's super adorable! I love that you can see her personality in her pics. So cute :) Love you too Gabbs!

diane said...

isn't TWO.... just TWO- TWO FUN? Mariah is now 3...but I can see lots of similarities between her and Gabby for sure! I especiallylove the POTTY pic here... oh the fun at this age! Take care... love all your blogs and pics!
Diane R

Lindsey Heath said...

man I love Gabby. She really is a hilarious girl. She was calling sister McManus Manus on sunday. She is such a good girl!!!