Friday, September 18, 2009

gabby's first day

Another week has come and gone, and now my other baby is in school, too. It was Gabby's first day of playschool last week and she had soooo much fun. She was just so excited to be the one going to school after watching Payton go all last year. (It was a long year of "When do I get to go to playschool, mommy?") So anyways, it all went smoothly...Gabby is just so easy-going and sweet...she was just ready to get in there and PLAY!

(Oh, and her favorite color is "ye-yow" so that is, of course, what she wore.)

I love my kid's's just such an easy-going and relaxed environment, totally geared to the kids just having fun and learning through play. Gabby was in heaven...painting, cutting, gluing, reading, coloring, playing....what could be better?? She had SO much fun.

(oh, and a funny I was clicking pictures while she played, one of the other moms was watching me and asked, "Um, do you scrapbook?" I guess she just assumed by the bazillions of pictures that I was taking that I was one of those crazy scrapbookers. Haha!!)

(trying to figure those scissors out.)

Again, it was an emotional day for me. Gabby is just so little and teeny, that I didn't want to leave her there..although she had NO interest in me whatsoever once she saw all the fun things she got to do! Haha!! So I stayed for a while and took pictures and visited with some of the other moms before I left. Funny thing was, my mom took Kherington for me that morning so I wouldn't have to lug her around, so when I left, I had no idea what to do with myself! I am sooooo used to always having my kids with me, or at least one of them, so when I walked out of there empty-handed, I felt totally lost and naked. I by no means think I am the perfect mother (FAR from it), but I was sad when this school year started. I love having my kids at home with me. This year has been a huge adjustment, so having Gabby in school was once again, bitter-sweet. So happy for her, but sad for me. I know I need to let my kids grow up and become their own little people, but it is hard. I just want them all to myself.

So, after I convinced myself that I hadn't forgotten any of my children anywhere and they were all, indeed, accounted for and safe, I went to the scrapbook store. And I bought stuff. Nothing like scrapbook goodies to make a sad mama feel better! Haha!

And when I picked Gabby up (a half-hour early 'cause I couldn't stand it anymore), she was nothing but happy, excited and thrilled. It was another big day.



me said...

I showed these pictures to Osh and he said "What's Gabby doing?" I told him she was going to school. He said, "What?!!! What?!!! I supposed to go to school!" He was very unimpressed that Gabby gets to go and he has to wait until January! Then he promptly switched gears and told me that when we go to "Candada" for Christmas, he is going to go to Payton and Gabby's house to play. Better schedule us in! xo, Jody

s a n s k u :) said...

i took sienna today for the first time. i had planned to stay there with her so she can get used to new people etc. well, she just loved it so i left. i was like "so what now?" :D so this posting made me chuckle. could have been me writing it. :) need to write a long list of things to do. ponder what i want to do when i'll have even more time at hand. remember that i'm not just a mom. :)

i tried to take pictures of sienna too but the trees on our front yard kept casting yucky shadows on her and nothing seemed to work. needless to say no awesome pictures like this of sienna. :) i did snap many pictures once we got there.

Melissa :) said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I agree with you completely. It is so hard letting them GrOw! I too am sad with every single milestone. It just goes way too quick.

jessica said...

Ok, I love her little shoes! where the heck did you get them?
It's crazy to me to think that could be my little one next year! wow.
looks like she had tons of fun!

Kim said...

Aww...sweet Gabbs!! They just get big way too fast :)

Lindsay Bateman said...

adorable photos Tal!

Anonymous said...

Love that little girl!