Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fall...sort of.

Back in October Gray and I took the kids out one Saturday morning to take some fall pictures...only fall was pretty much over! We had a hard time finding any pretty leaves after the weird, short fall we had. (Remember? The constant rain and then snow and then it was freezing and then warm again? Oh, and I think there was some crazy wind in there, too.) So we made do with the brown background and took some pictures anyways. It was fun...despite the lack of fall colors it was a beautiful day!

I actually forgot about these pictures until a few days ago when I was playing around on my computer, so it was a fun surprise! I don't think any mom out there can ever have enough pictures of her kids, so these ones have been making me happy.


And, is it just total craziness to anyone else out there that November is half over? What the heck. I am like, TOTALLY not ready for Christmas at all. I've heard people say they're almost done their Christmas shopping...again, what the heck. I've barely even started or even thought about it for that matter! I think I need to make a serious to-do list and start focusing on the upcoming holidays...aaahhh!

Anyways, that's all. My to-do list for this moment is to go upstairs and watch SYTYCD. Yay!!



Stay Funny said...

Ohhh so precious!
Great photoshot of your girls!
Enjoy your day!

Lindsay Bateman said...

One word....


LOVE the ones of Payton & Gabby.
Both the B & W and Color.

They are looking so grown up, like little ladies. Beautiful shots.


diane said...

ADORABLE!... and I have to agree... one can never have too many pics! I am over the ti op with taking them, too... but my photography skills are no where what yours are. I love seeing all your work!

s a n s k u :) said...

awesome pictures!

i'm so happy i don't have to shop this year. we're going to california for christmas. few gifts for sienna and robin, that's it. yey!

niki said...

more ridiculous cuteness from the A girls!!

Nancy said...

verrrrrryyyy nice pictures!!! Yours girls they are sooOOoo pretty!!!

**sorry if a make mistake, i'm a French ....I try to do my best!!lollllll

Kim said...

Oh soooo cute!! I agree you can never have too many pics of such cuties!!!

p.s. Ryker has been talking nonstop about Kherington...haha!!

tanya said...

Hi Talia! Just wanted you to know that I think you have a fabulous blog! I nominated you for a ‘Kreative Blogger’ award – check out my latest blog post to play along!

Tiia said...

So beautiful pictures <3 I have also three girl 4, 2 and 1 years old.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree! So beautiful pictures.. :)

Your scrapbooking works are just so amazing and inspiring! :)