Saturday, November 28, 2009

little fingers and little toes

Little Miss KK at 8 months old. Love those little fingers and toes. I could just eat 'em. (I know, I've heard me say that before!) Every month I do a little photo shoot of Kherington and it is scaring me how she's now closer to 9 months old! AAaahhh! Last night I put "real" piggy-tails in her hair, she was able to sit up all by herself on the bathroom counter just like her big sisters to get her hair done. Oh, man. Her first little year of life is just going by too quickly!

Okay, I am on the run. Payton and Gabby danced at their Christmas dance show this morning (more on that soon!), I just finished tidying the house and now it's time to set up and decorate for a Christmas dinner and program at the church tonight. AAAaahhh! Cannot wait till this weekend is over.



Anonymous said...

Oh Talia I love the contrast of K against that backdrop! thanks for sharing (you inspire me so!) my favorite is the close up of her hand and foot and those two little teeth. I'm just curious what the fabric is and where you got it that you used? I also love K's onsie so sweet! did your mom make that? thanks for always sharing.
Brenda Magliacane

Barbara said...

I bought that same fabric when I was a JoAnn's in Montana 2 summers ago. I love it. It looks great as a backdrop!

Lindsay Bateman said...

Adorable pics!!!! She is truly a little munchkin, hard to tell who she looks more like though, definitly a mix. And that hair...she is such a beautiful little girl. Awesome photos!

alicia.king said...

she is beautiful! cute pictures of her! I have that same fabric too...but I only bought a little bit! Now I'm mad, that looks so cute as a backdrop!