Tuesday, December 01, 2009

'tis the season

Being that it's now December, I thought I'd do a little Christmas scrapbook share. This layout was actually supposed to be in this months issue of Creating Keepsakes. I did it back in July in the middle of going back and forth between home and Montana...they wanted me to change the font I used for the "tis the season" title and I just wasn't able to re-do the layout and get it back to them in time, so I missed out. But oh, well! I can still share it here! Man, oh man I need to do some scrapbooking. I miss it. But for now I need to focus on all things Christmas...and the first thing on my list is getting my tree up. I usually do it in November so I am feeling behind.

Before I run, just wanted to mention that I went to the SYTYCD Canada Concert last night with Kim and A and it was sooooo much fun! (besides the freezing cold walk from the parking lot...brrr!) We were surrounded by screaming teenagers, it was hilairious, and the dancers were so CUTE in real life. Loved, loved, loved it. Thanks for the fun night girls!

Okay, decorating, here I come!



jessica said...

talia, what a gorgeous page!
Could you tell me what font that "merry christmas" and "tis the season" font is? Its funny, I wanted to know that before you even mentioned the font! Too bad you didn't get in the magazine...its awesome!

diane said...

love this layout Talia... so adorable!
I'm heading to SYTYCD here tonight... I'm sure I'll enjoy it, too!
I'll look forward to pics of your decorating. I'm now working at home sense... lots of fun stuff there to decorate with!

Lindsay Bateman said...

Beautiful layout, and adorable pics! I just loved those. the denim and tutu's = fabulous combination!
congrats on "almost" being in CK. That's awesome!

Kim said...

Just catching up on your blog...first of all...cute lo!! And second...can Kherington be any cuter?? Love the pics :)


alicia.king said...

love the layout! I wonder why they didn't want you to use that? :( dang it!