Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little getaway and some scrapbookin'

This past weekend Gray and I took a much needed little trip to Montana, just the two of us. It was so awesome. I can't even remember the last time we went somewhere alone...maybe before we had Payton? So needless to say, it was long-overdue. We farmed the kids and the dog out to all the grandma's and great-grandma's and headed south. Our weekend was filled with eating, shopping, going to movies and SLEEPING. Oh, the un-interrupted, glorious sleep! It was fabulous. Thank you to everyone who helped with our kiddos, we love you!!!

(Oh, and on Valentine's day I even managed to get Gray to watch New Moon with me in the hotel room! What a trooper, hey?)

And moving right along...

I found some time last week-ish to do some scrapbookin'. I'm rusty, but I got some pages done nonetheless!

I wish I had more time to scrapbook, but man, life is busy. My room calls to me on a daily basis, but...so do my girly-girls. So for now, I need to be okay with only getting a little done here and there. It's okay. One day, I'll have that time again to scrapbook to my hearts content. One day.


P.S. I have some new pictures on my 365 blog, too!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Love LOVE the pages! =)

Lindsay Bateman said...

so glad you all got to get away! :)
your pics are adorable, and your scrapbook pages...melt my heart. they are gorgeous, love all the colors and i am totally in LOVE with the flowers you used on the last layout with Gabbs. Did you make those?
Just gorgeous!

alicia.king said...

what a fun getaway! and i love all your scrapbook pages! beautiful! can't wait to move again, and get my scrapbooking room all organized so i can scrapbook!

niki said...

so jealous that you guys had a little getaway!! lovely pages, too my dear.:)

Anonymous said...

how great to have a getaway actually with your hubby for once! looks like you guys had a great time. i so miss family babysitters! xo, jodes

chanel said...

i haven't scrapbooked in so long ... i miss it. I love your pages - your style is gorgeous. Have a great day
luv chanel

Brenda Magliacane said...

Talia I love lOvE LOVE all of the photos that you have shared on your last couple of blog posts. I have a couple of questions because I loved your scrapbook layouts & your photos so much. First of all I loved the pages you did of your girls, but something on Kerrigans page caught my eye I was wondering what the scrunched up/ruffled up pinkish looking stuff is at the top of her page? And secondly I love the photos of your older girls for their valentines! Did you type the wording on in photoshop or was it already on the hearts when you took the photos? And also what did you use for your background in those photos? did you add some type of effect over the top of those photos post processing? Love your stuff! Thanks.
Brenda Magliacane
p.s. i tried to email from the link on the main page of your blog and was having trouble

Kim said...

Glad you guys got away!! Lovin the lo's!! We need to catch up sometime. xox