Thursday, February 11, 2010

some valentine loves...

It isn't Valentine's Day yet!! There's still some time to get busy makin' cute stuff for the ones you love. I've been super inspired by all that is going on over at House of Three, and the girls and I made similar valentine's from last year for them to give to all their so cute!

Just a quick post tonight, time to go watch all of my Thursday night TV! (wink)


(oh, and thanks so much for all the b-day well wishes! I'm actually a tad excited for my 30's...thanks everyone!!)


Lindsay Bateman said...

ahhh...i am in LOVE!
beautiful, beautiful.....BEAUTIFUL!!!
and i could not agree more....HO3...amazing!
love their stuff!

p.s. where did you find your FABULOUS "A"s...?????

Michelle said...

These are so gorgeous. Love the pictures. Where did you print that big picture of your daughter and what is the size or did you cut it after to fit in a non standart frame. Also, about the H03 heart, what did you glue the coffee filters on and what type of mist did you use and where did you purchase the jewels. I got to make one for my baby's room. Too pretty!

Too many question comes to my mind as I look at these beautiful pictures. Where did you learn photography. I just bought my first SLR and I find it hard to remember to apply what I learned when I take a picture. Usually if I see a great shot, I take the camera and to make sure I don't miss that moment, i just jump on the auto to make sure I don,t ruin the moment.

Amber Zimmerman said...

Oh my gosh I love all of the vday goodies! The girl's valentines are the best. . .I'll bet the other moms are jealous! ;-) Thanks for sharing.

diane said...

Talia... once again you've inspired! I utilized(stole) your valentine idea from last year and this for Mariah's valentine's too!
Thanks for all your wonderful creativity!

Happy Valentine's day!

lindsey loo said...

oh i love all your stuff! so cute and it makes me want to get my craft on!

alicia.king said...

i love your valentines that you made, too cute!