Wednesday, March 03, 2010

if you're gonna be cleaning... may as well look cute doin' it!

Spring cleaning has been in full swing at my house, so my little apron has been my outfit of choice as of late. I made this a few weeks ago while at my mom's one afternoon...what started off as a cute dish towel ended up being an apron. I was just so in love with my ruffles that it had to become something that I could wear! And thanks to my mom's mad sewing skillz, we added on a top and ties and there ya have it...a cute apron. (It makes cleaning soooo much easier! wink!)

All the fabric were just scraps that I've had sitting was time to put them to good use! Anyways, these ruffles helped me clean out my bathrooms, the front closet, my pantry, the laundry room, AND the basement! We even totally organized all the kids toys and chucked stuff they never play with and those toys that just become "junk". feels good!

I am sooooo ready for spring. Now, please?



diane said...

I love you apron... and the fact you are so inspiring to me on so many levels... I have lots of cleaning/sorting to do here... but dang... I don't have an apron... might not get done!
I look forward to all your posts Talia... keep em coming!

s a n s k u :) said...

i don't think even a cute apron would get me excited about cleaning. :D

niki said...

tell mom to amke me one and maybe i'll get the urge to clean too!!
p.s. you're cute

Lindsay Bateman said...