Thursday, March 18, 2010

kherington's 1st birthday party!

You can't have a party without sharing lots of pictures! Especially when it's a FIRST birthday, right?

KK's party was lots of fun, and I had so much decorating and preparing...Graham always laughs at me 'cause I go so "over the top" for my kids birthdays, but's fun for me and they love it, so everyone wins. (And Graham secretly loves it, too...he told me that night that he was blown away by the decor...I just laughed!)

Anyways, I decided to stray from my usual "pink" for this one...I know, what the heck? But when we were at Target in February I came across this black and white wrapping paper, plus all the cute yellow party stuff and the decision was made...yellow it would be!

The one thing I always dread about my kids birthdays is the cake. I hate decorating cakes. I suck at it. So we went for mini cupcakes this year with a little icing, and then Kherington's cute face on top of 'em. Done.

Oh, and what's an Audenart party without tissue pom poms? Gotta have 'em!

Kherington was an absolute doll. She loved her pizza, presents and cake and was just so darn cute all night. It was so nice to have our family there with us to celebrate...we love you!

Oh, and KK...we love you, too. Now stop feeding the puppy your cake!




alicia king said...

I was totally just looking at my wrapping paper & yellow tulle, just waiting to use it! what do you know! lol!

I am the same way, I love to go all out for birthday parties, it makes them so much fun! Happy Birthday to her! She has more hair than my 2 year old! I love her pigtails!

Eva said...

Wow.. you did an amazing job. She is beautiful.

niki said...

awww - i wish we had been there!!!! we wubs you little KK!

Kim said...

She is such a little doll!! Love her!! And all the decorations are always. her :)

The Heavenor's said...

Soooo so cute, what a adorable party! Now did you have a dress code to follow the party theme colors??? hehe, I noticed Carly and your mom followed the colors! She is one sweet little girl!

Lindsay Bateman said...

ADORABLE blog header.
So beautiful!

Jamie said...

Such a cutie pie birthday girl and also such a fun party!

Oh and you have to give us a tour of your house sometime. The glimpses that we have seen are sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie!
I've been following your blog for a while now, I absolutely love it! Your girls are beautiful and you take gorgeous pictures!

I was wondering whether you could 'teach' me how to do those cute pompoms (picture tutorial, link? pretty pretty please?:), it's my daughters bday next week and I would love to have some fun decorations. :)