Friday, March 12, 2010

happy birthday sweet baby

Today is a big day.

My baby is one. One.

I can hardly believe it. I can hardly believe that it was already one whole year ago that she came into our lives. That she changed us forever. That she completed our little family. She is, quite simply, such a blessing. Such a joy. Such a little angel.

Kherington truly has been nothing but a lil' ol' piece of heaven in our home! From day one she has been the easiest and sweetest baby. Her big sisters adore her so much...we love seeing them interact with her and take care of her. Gabby always climbs into her crib in the morning to keep her company if we're not out of bed yet (haha), and Payton is always on the look-out to see if she's getting too close to the stairs, or if she has something in her mouth or if she's hungry for a snack or a bottle. It is so very sweet.

We are busy busy getting ready for her party only turn 1 once! I still am trying to accept the fact that my baby won't be my baby for that much longer! Soon she will be walking, talking and going to school. AAaahhh! (yes, I am jumping the gun, but I'm sure all mama's can relate!)

We love you, KK. We couldn't live without you. You are so cute, sweet, funny, special and perfect. Have a Happy First Birthday, little bug.

Hugs and kisses,
Mama, Daddy, Payton and Gabby


Kim said...

Happy birthday KK!!! We love you!!!


p.s. She is so cute I just can't handle it :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe its already been a year. She is so cute. Happy Birthday Kheringtone :)


niki said...

happy birthday sweet baby!!! we love you!

Lane Edwards said...


You have brought both my husband and I to tears reading your 'heartwatering' letter to your daughter. Our little angel (Morgan) turns one in only 2-months- already!

I know exactly how you feel, you expressed it perfectly. Your work is inspiring, uplifting and just plain beautiful. Keep expressing your love through such magnificant creativity, your daughter are so lucky!

ps. love the pics of Julianna!

Ciao bella,

Lane Edwards

me said...

hope the birthday was oh so special!

waddya mean the family is 'complete'?!! i still vote for #4. then maybe osh won't be the only audenart boy in the world!! ha ha. only joking. you couldn't ask for a more beautiful family than you have. we sure love you all!

xo, jods

Talia said...

Talk to Gray, not me! Oh, and actually, talk to my morning sickness, too.

lindsey loo said...

those pictures are amazing and she is simply adorable

Anonymous said...

in that case...

Dear Graham,

It's not our fault that you and Talia make adorable children. You have a solemn obligation to bring more beauty into the world. Get on it.

The World

Dear Talia's morning sickness,

Give it a rest already.

xo, Jody

(think that'll do the trick?!!)

Talia said...

hee hee hee!!! thanks jodes!! you have me laughin'.

alicia said...

she is so cute especially with all that hair! yup...they grow too fast! can't we freeze them! lol!

alicia said...

lol, so normally I don't read the other comments, but I had to scroll down to make sure mine there a suprise in the near future! wink! we may have one also! ahhh! my baby just turned one in Jan!

Talia said...

NO!! there are NO SURPRISES!! haha!!
and if there are any surprises in the near future, i sure don't know about them yet!!

alicia said...

lol :)