Tuesday, March 09, 2010

looking back

I just wanted to share this layout that I did a while back for my friends circle journal. I had so much fun with this page! It was so fun to go through old photos and just see how much I've changed and to take a little walk down memory lane.

And my favorite part? Seeing the resemblance between me as little girl and Gabby. Holy cow. I can now see that she is the child that looks like me. So cool.

Love old photos.



niki said...

oh - those pictures made me smile!!! i wanna pinch your little kiddie cheeks. you were the cutest kid! and gabbs really does look just like you. adorable.

Steve and Alli said...

Yeah, I think everytime you post a pic of Gabby I say to myself "wow, she totally looks like Tal"- I'm not joking, every single time! PS Do you have any pix of yourself from my parents' wedding? Cutest little flower girl ever!

Kim said...

It's so fun looking back through pics. One of the many joys of scrapbooking :) And that Gabbs is totally you!! So cute!

alicia said...

that's a cute way to scrap the older pictures! look alikes! you should do another page, with both pics side by side!